IP.Board  3.3.0
public_members_profile_status Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for public_members_profile_status:

Public Member Functions

 doExecute (ipsRegistry $registry)

Protected Member Functions

 _deleteReply ()
 _deleteStatus ()
 _list ()
 _lockStatus ()
 _new ()
 _reply ()
 _unlockStatus ()

Member Function Documentation

_deleteReply ( ) [protected]

Delete a status reply

_deleteStatus ( ) [protected]

Delete a status

_list ( ) [protected]

Delete a status reply

_lockStatus ( ) [protected]

Lock a status

_new ( ) [protected]

Add a new statussesses

_reply ( ) [protected]

Add a reply statussesses

_unlockStatus ( ) [protected]

Lock a status

doExecute ( ipsRegistry registry)

Class entry point

objectRegistry reference
void [Outputs to screen]

Reimplemented from ipsCommand.

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