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Custom Services from the Community

This directory is populated by those members of the IPS community who provide custom services, such as programming or design, for IPS software. If you are looking for a custom skin, mod, hook, etc. then this is the place to find a great person to work for you!

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At IPBSkinning we pride ourselves on providing some of the most professional and creative skins on the internet. We offer free, premium and custom IPB Skins, which can be downloaded right now for your very own forum. Here are a few of the services we offer:

* Free Skins- Looking for a cash free way of giving your forum a new look? Our free skins are just for you. We offer a wide range of different looks, colors and styles downloadable within seconds.

* Custom Skins- The Ultimate in IPB Skins. A custom skin is made specifically for you and will never be sold to anybody else again. You will be at the forefront of the design from creation to completion. This results in a skin which is perfect for you and your members.

* Other- We also offer services like PSD to skin. This is for people who already have the design they're looking for, but just need it coding into a skin. This reduces the work load dramatically for me and so the price reflects this. We can also incorporate your forum into your main site, so they look identical to each other. The idea here is that the user barely notices they've crossed into a forum system.


Important Note: IPS is not responsible for third-party services listed on this section.