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Custom Services from the Community

This directory is populated by those members of the IPS community who provide custom services, such as programming or design, for IPS software. If you are looking for a custom skin, mod, hook, etc. then this is the place to find a great person to work for you!

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1.) Complete Custom Skin Design

2.) Website Branding - A forum design that will match your website

3.) .PSD to Skin

4.) IP.Content design

We now offer lower prices, please contact me for a free quote.

We have worked with IPS directly for a number of years!
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Jun 11 2012 03:40 PM
We recently used SkinIPB.com for four custom IPB skin designs. Their design, price, professionalism, quick communication and turnaround time consistently exceeded my expectations, and their prices are better than other custom skin companies we've ever dealt with. I'd HIGHLY recommend them and will definitely continue using their services for our current and future projects.
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There really isn't enough platitudes in the dictionary to fully describe SkinIPB's work.

When I first touched base with SkinIPB, I was apprehensive at business level. While the company came highly recommended by someone who I trust, it was still a new endeavor and designers I've never worked with before. On about e-mail #2 I was ready to assume that things were going to go perfectly fine. Brian has fantastic communications and customer service skills, and the first project we did sailed through smoothly and truly without a hitch. The result was a simple but very high quality skin.

When it came to hiring someone for my next skinning project, it was straight to SkinIPB. Knowing that they could handle it was one thing; having experienced outstanding customer service, coupled with timeliness and friendly demeanor, sealed the deal.

As of right now, I have three other skinning projects in the pipeline. SkinIPB (them willing) will be doing all of them.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a developer that can produce quality skin and provide professional and friendly project atmosphere.
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We used Brian to upgrade a skin we got. Fast delivery and fixed small issues on the go. :)

Can recomend him.
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I have used SkinIPB a couple of times now and have been very happy with the results. I was particular about the type of work I needed done and it was completed perfectly and with excellent communication. As a small business owner I don't have time to muck around trying to get others to understand what I need - SkinIPB understood and came up with exactly what I needed without fuss. Cost wise - great value for money.

I will most definitely be hiring them again.
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I hired Brian after a lengthy and very frustrating experience with another skinner. Brian is extremely approachable, knowledgeable and he went to work on our project immediately. Our project was a fairly complicated one, and Brian can up with some great suggestions and some very creative solutions.

I have hired Brian a few more times since then and could not be more pleased with his friendly and professional service. He is easy to work with and gets the job done right every time.

You can see some of Brian's talent here on our forum... http://jaltemba-bay-mexico.com/
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Seems they are not taking on any work at present - anyone know how long before they will do so again ?

I emailed Brain regarding a custom skin we need.


He engaged us so I drew up an email outlining the perameters. Whilst it's quite a complicated set-up we have programmers to do the technical stuff that would keep his job relatively easy.


He neglected to get back to me. That was three weeks ago. So we pretty much lost a week or so.

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