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Custom Services from the Community

This directory is populated by those members of the IPS community who provide custom services, such as programming or design, for IPS software. If you are looking for a custom skin, mod, hook, etc. then this is the place to find a great person to work for you!

Special Services

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  Site or Service Name Short Description

Charset conversion service

Do you have problems with your current encoding?


Custom skins, Board resources, Modifications, and board support.

Sefket's Services

I offer convert boards, install/Upgrade IPB, install mods, and more for great prices!

Server Transfers

Moving IPB between servers

Pro Installation Services

I offer installations of IP Board and all other IP Applications.

TheRevTastic's Invision Power Products Services

I offer conversions, upgrades, installs, and much more!

Translation Service

Translate your forum

Board Installation - Quick, Cheap, and Done Right!

Installation of your IP.Board forum.


Jean's Service - Installations/Upgrades/Addons/etc..

Board Installalation & Upgrade Services

I offer installations of IP.Board, and IPS Applications as well as upgrades to 3.3

Saturnus Services - IP.Board Installation and Set-Up

Make IP.Board life easier with my installation and set up services for IP.Board & IP.Board hooks/apps!

IP.Board Services by .Im#NuMBeR1

Services offered by me include; IP.Board installations/upgrades, skin/mod installations etc

New installs and upgrades.

Some services I offer.

IPB Performance Optimzation

Linux Web Server & IPB Speed & Efficiency Optimization


Custom Modifications

Arabic Localization

Make Your Board and hooks speak arabic

Will's Installation Services

Services that I offer.

Everything IPB

I can help you out with everything regarding IP.Board and its addons.

Important Note: IPS is not responsible for third-party services listed on this section.