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Custom Services from the Community

This directory is populated by those members of the IPS community who provide custom services, such as programming or design, for IPS software. If you are looking for a custom skin, mod, hook, etc. then this is the place to find a great person to work for you!

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IP.Board Services by .Im#NuMBeR1

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Service is currently unavailable...

This is just a little place or service offering to earn a little bit of cash for my pocket. All services are legit and scam-free!

Why do I do it?:
Such an excellent question to ask! Why, oh why do I offer such services? - I believe by supporting customers with their queries, general and technical questions I am supporting the great Invision Power Services with my own little services. Think of it as another unique "contribution" to the community as well as supporting those who need help with their IP.Board services!

Services Offered:
  • IP.Board installations/upgrades and movements (moving an IP.Board website/forum to a new host/server.)
  • IP.Board conversions - Converting from a forum software such as vBulletin to IP.Board (moving over a forum from one forum software to IP.Board).
  • Skin installations - Installing IP.Board skins for customers.
  • Modifications/Hooks - Uploading and installing Modifications and Hooks.
  • Add-On installations - Upload and installing Add-ons.
  • IP.Board support - Giving support to customers on IPS.
Service Availability & Pricing:
  • IP.Board Installations/Upgrades & Movements - £10.
  • IP.Board conversions:
  • Skin Installations: FREE (NOW FREE)
  • Add-on Installations: £5 per installation. ("Hooks/modification installations are FREE of charge!")
NOTE: I will never charge for basic IP.Board Support. Only the above services are paid services.

Questions & Answers:

Q #1: How long would it take to upload and install/upgrade/move/convert my forum?
A: This all depends on my broadband connection and the size of your forum, database and files.

Q #2: When can you get to work after requesting your services?
A: I will answer your Private Message within 48 hours. 24 hours or sooner depending on where I am, what I'm doing and if I have a 3G signal on my iPhone. If I am out, and within a 3G covered area I will get a notification on IPS' "IPB Mobile" app for iOS and respond to your PM as soon as possible. -- If I am not in a 3G covered area, and not at my computer, I will respond to your PM within 48 hours.

Q #3: What if I require your services during weekends and bank holidays?
A: Then you are in luck! - I offer all my services during weekends, weekdays and bank holidays provided I am not on vacation, or at special events!

Q #4: Do you accept alternative methods of payment for your services?
A: Unfortunately not. I only accept methods stated at the bottom-right of this page.

Key Legend: Red (Paid service) | Blue (Free service)

Accepted Payment Methods:

| PayPal |

I do not provide services for customers that submit PayPal chargeback claims after services are finished.

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Sep 04 2012 11:56 AM
When will your service be available I am interested

Important Note: IPS is not responsible for third-party services listed on this section.