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Converting Photopost 7.03 to IP.Gallery (the process, errors and questions)

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Posted 29 July 2011 - 05:28 AM

Thanks to Ryan and Alex the script to convert Photopost to IP.Gallery has been upgraded. It seems that there are still a few bugs, problems and questions left.

There's already a support ticket open, so I'm not wanting to ask for support through this topic, but merely share experiences with other members and ask questions about errors that I've encountered. This may help other members and reduce the amount of questions targeted at Support. This official Invision document explains the basics of the conversions and is a must-read before you start.

My Information:
Photopost version: 7.03
used with: vBulletin 4.14
IP.Board: 3.2.0
IP.Gallery: 4.1.0
installed hooks/addons: 0

Before the conversion:
I used PhotoPost 7.03 integrated in my vBulletin 4.1.4 installation. When starting a new conversion, you're asked with what software you were using it. After selecting (in my case) vBulletin, I was asked information about my database. Which database? The one I use for vBulletin, Photopost or IPB? After trial and error, it seems that you have to fill in the database details from your PhotoPost installation.

The conversion:
the conversion has three steps:
  • Albums
  • Images
  • Comments
In PhotoPost you have Categories and Sub-Categories. My gallery was named 'gallery' and I had (for example) a 60's Category, with a Movies sub-category that also had sub-categories like 'Loving You' and 'Jailhouse Rock'. So the structure is: gallery > categorie > sub-category > sub-category (in my case: gallery > 60s > movies > Loving You).

When you start the first step of the conversion you get this question: "To which category do you wish to put albums?" and next to it a fold-out menu. Since your IP.Gallery is completely empty, the only option is 'gallery'. The question is a bit strange, since I had no albums in PhotoPost, but basically 89 (sub) categories (according to the terms used by PhotoPost). Even weirder is that in the IP.Gallery settings the term 'Category' isn't even used or mentioned.

In IP.Gallery CP you have under System Settings these options:
* Directory to store images? (path)
* URL to store images? (link)
* Images Location (this option isn't obvious, since it contradicts the option above - see this topic)

There's no information about what affect this settings has prior to the conversion. Will all images be copied from the photopost data directory to this preset directory, or will the default directory be used (the 'uploads' dir).

When you start the 'convert images' process, you're asked "The path to the folder where images are saved (no trailing slash - usually path_to_photopost/data):". This is path to the location where PhotoPost saves the images. After confirming this, the conversion starts. At this point it's not certain if the images are resized during the conversion to the dimensions set in the IP.Gallery CP. So be sure to set this value BEFORE you start the conversion. Same if you prefer rectangular over square thumbnails.

Pretty straight forward and no configuration questions are asked.

After the conversion:
After the conversion you have to confirm for each albums Permissions and Settings, and then run the following Tools in the order specified.
  • Rebuild Node Tree
  • Recount & Resync Albums
  • Rebuild Images

The conversion has finished so it's the first time to log into the IP.Gallery CP and view your converted gallery. You'll see that all categories and sub-categories are now all Global Albums. There's no explanation what a Global Album is and how it differs from a normal album (see this topic). After the conversion ALL albums have this setting: Album only mode? Yes. Where 'yes' means: "If you do not wish to allow direct image submission to this album, set this to yes.". This reduces albums to categories where no images can be uploaded to. There's no way to set this to 'No' besides doing it one by one. Same goes for all other settings and permissions. With 89 albums this is huge task.

Looking at the 'Overview' in the IP.Gallery CP, it shows that there are zero images. That's the same number as in the 'images' column in the 'Manage Album' view. The 'gallery' folder that's been created during the conversion proces also doesn't contain images. So it's safe to say that the conversion was unsuccesful (eventhough during the conversion, the progress clearly state: 56200 of 59842 converted. To me, 'converted' implies that the attempt to convert succeeded).

Mentioned Errors:
During a conversion you might receive errors. There is no documentation about what these errors mean and how they affect the future use and configuration of the Gallery.

I received these errors (for all 59.000 images) while converting the images:
26204: No album ID provided
26205: No album ID provided
26206: No album ID provided
26207: No album ID provided
26208: No album ID provided

I received these errors while converting the comments:
103505: No comment provided
103507: No comment provided
103527: No comment provided

Problems and Questions
  • More documentation needed for the conversion tool
  • All (sub) categories are Global Albums after conversion
  • The number of errors isn't shown after a conversion, only the lines. It's impossible to say if a few hundred images are unsuccessful converted or thousands (or all, in my case)
  • what does IP.Gallery mean with Category and how is this used
  • No option to mass edit settings and permissions
  • Changing permission in an album aren't copied to all albums under it (let's call them sub-albums)
  • Users aren't informed if they should set the dimensions of the images prior or after the conversion

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