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[Suggestion] Blog comments and notifications

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#1 markopolo2002


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Posted 14 November 2011 - 09:48 AM

Unless I've totally missed something, are we still to believe that the creator of a blog IS NOT subscribed to receive notifications for comments ???. Why is it we're having such an issue with notifications on the apps?.

Why can't we simply have a system where someone post's and is automatically subscribed to receive notifications, throughout the entire site - yes, it may p*ss a few people off, but the way I see it is quite simple ... if I'm posting about something, or responding to something I want to hear if someone else is posting or responding to that thread, blog, download, whatever it is!!.

If we do this, and give the user the option to stop receiving notifications, they can take the necessary action. If we don't do this automatically, many don't realise the option is actually there to subscribe or be notified, they just come on, quickly post and leave or move onto another topic, download, blog or whatever!. We've more or less done this for the forums, people respond and get automatically subscribed and notified, etc, so why aren't we seeing the same with the apps?.

As it stands just now, we have to physically subscribe to our own blogs/downloads to know if anyone has commented - that just doesn't feel right if I'm honest, nor is it that anyone commenting doesn't receive notifications when others do the same !

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#2 surferboy


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Posted 14 November 2011 - 10:33 AM

I echo Marko's comments, at least in part. I agree that a blog creator should automatically be subscribed to their own blogs. However, for those who external members, I really feel a popup that confirms the comment submission and then asks if the poster would like to receive further notifications of comments should be the correct approach. That way people know what they are in for and always, always, have a choice.

- Brian

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#3 markopolo2002


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Posted 14 November 2011 - 10:41 AM

That's exactly what I suggested before Brian, a kinda of ajax popup when you reply, respond, post, etc throughout the entire board and apps - with options to subscribe and receive notifications of this and all future posts, etc, as well as an option of "no, I don't want to receive notifications of replies adn never remind me again" type idea. Obviously, if you choose to subscribe to all and not remind me again, that's the last you'll see of the popup, like if you chose not to subscribe and remind me again, but it would then prompt you again for downloads, blogs, gallery, etc and for a lot of people, they would possibly enjoy the clearcut opportunity to subscribe to certain threads or apps and this way it gives them the option without the possibility of missing it :smile:


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