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SEO and usability issues with articles

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 08:15 PM

I suppose you could create folders/files here called "blog" or "gallery" too, but then IP.Content pages are not served out of the board root in most cases, so the issue is mitigated.

I just want to quote and disagree with this comment. I don't know how you know these statistics but I think MOST customers should want their IP.Content pages served out of their domain root, which is also their "Board Root".
You're probably right that most don't, but that's because they don't understand how to fix their fURL's. Even Marcher doesn't do it for complexity and testing purposes, but I argue it makes most sites look unprofessional.

This is exactly what we're talking about with the inconsistency of IP.Content and other IPS apps/fURLs. We could create a folder, or a Page called "blogs" in IP.Content, yet that is already a fURL for the application "IP.Blogs", and there is also a physical folder in your root_folder called "blog" when you install IP.Blogs.

If I visit the following URL (typo) I get my 'default 404 page' as I defined in ACP > IP.Content > Settings.
www.domain.com/blogz (typo, no page exists)

If I visit the following URL I get my IP.Blogs homepage:

If I visit the following URL I get a 403 Forbidden Access page (ugly):
www.domain.com/blog (this is the name of a physical folder installed by IP.Blogs)

In other words you can't access a URL that is same path as a physical folder installed by IP suite. Therefore there is quite a few 'reserved' names you can't use for folders and/or Pages in IP.Content


So basically whenever we go to create a Page or Folder in IP.C there should be some background check to notify the admin if it conflicts with anything in use (fURL or physical file/folder).

Desired structure - Goals

2. myipb.com/forums - Start page for forums
3. myipb.com/forums/topic... - forums should be also included into URL of topics

Did you get the desired URL's for your forums and topics? I don't want to change my links this late in the game, but I'm hoping you can change the IN and OUT regex from "topic" to forums/topic" easily.

Now, on to the "Library" issue.

If you read the spoiler bit above, you'll know that a physical folder/file takes 'preference' when browsing your site over any IP.Content generated Page.

If I have a Page in IP.Content:

And I have a physical folder/file:

Then when I browse to "domain.com/test" or "domain.com/test/index.php" it will serve me up the physical file!

What if you create a phsyical folder in FTP called "library" and dump "index.php" file in it. Now I'm not sure what code should be in that "index.php" file though. Maybe this is where you'd use "external.php" or "index.php" from the IP.Content Tools folder?

Another option is just create a Page in IP.Content called "mylibraryhome.php" and use mod_rewrite with RegEx in .htaccess so when someone goes to:
"domain.com/library" or "domain.com/library/" that it re-directs them to "domain.com/mylibraryhome.php" but rewrites the path as "domain.com/library/"

In very fussy with having neat URL's, so like the ideas coming from this thread, and hope IPS pay more attention to fixing things in the near future so it's easier to customize and understand.

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 08:17 PM

No. It is not. It sends HTTP/1.1 200 OK. I have just checked it. 301 is redirect, so that http://teamlegacy.net/index is not loaded but redirected to http://teamlegacy.net/index/ Means you do not see the first corrupt URL in your browser at all. An example of correct 301 redirect is http://www.marcherte....html/_/new-sub This page redirects correctly with HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently. Well done! :smile:

We speak about huge commercial project. I cannot risk knowing that Google does not really like deep structure and really hates unlogical structure where the content is not grouped thoroughly in dedicated folder. I cannot prove it, it is just my experience. And it will be a commercial loss if I ignore my experience.

They are OK and good. But look we speak about a project that is 8 years old with its established URL structure. And we are ready and will change every link on this project with the converter as they have not been promoted. Our library is the only place where I have headache.

guuuh... bug to report.... 301 redirect means the resulting page by all means SHOULD throw a 301.... thanks for that.... more formal code should be:
$this->registry->output->silentRedirect('app=forums', 'forums', TRUE, 'app=forums' );
via docs..... still throwing a 200 of fail.

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Posted 17 January 2012 - 09:14 PM

This topic has gone around in circles a few times and I'm not even sure where it's at at this point, so let me just summarize.

IP.Content is in a unique situation compared to other applications for a few reasons.

1) IP.Content let's YOU create the URL pieces. With Blog, for instance, the URL structure is pre-defined behind the scenes already. The homepage is always /blog/, a blog entry is always /blog/(blogid)/entry-(entryid)-(entrytitle) and so forth. With Content, you can create folders, pages, databases, etc., all of which are vying to control the URL.

2) There are multiple scenarios that can theoretically produce the same valid URL. For instance, a folder in IP.Content called "test" and a page with the seo name "test" (no extension) both would theoretically have the URL /test.

Now, with regards to database, we add an additional layer of complexity... What if you create a database category called "test"? Or an article (not in a category) with the static FURL "test"? The following could all be true

site.com/test -> folder
site.com/test -> page (with no extension)
site.com/test -> database category (on a page with the option "omit file name" enabled)
site.com/test -> record not in a category with static furl (on a page with the option "omit file name" enabled)

Every other application in IPB has an identifier of sorts - for blogs it's "/blog", for a topic it's "/topic" and so on. IP.Content essentially needs the same thing so it can figure out where the dynamic database stuff starts. We opted to use something generic (/_/) because the chances of someone accidentally reproducing this structure using the software and creating a conflict is virtually 0. We could use "news" instead for the database data marker, but then you couldn't create a folder called news, or a page called news. And what if your database isn't a news database? Again, this is why we used a generic marker.

There are very real technical limitations at play here that are all fighting for control, and it's easy on the surface to say "just get rid of /_/", but that would create a whole world of problems trying to figure out where the URL should go. I can sympathize with the statements to leave this up to the end user, but the reality is users will break their URLs and not understand why if we do not add protections in the software, so we can't simply remove the use of a marker and leave it to the users to work around.

This is not to say that nothing will change in the future. I'm just trying to explain that it's not as simple as changing a few lines of code and calling it a day. There are reasons it is done the way it is done.
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Posted 17 January 2012 - 09:29 PM

a lot of this discussion IS dealing with future hopes. its gone in a few directions :)

say, you got that new setup built yet? :) :drool: :tongue:

Dave M
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Posted 25 January 2012 - 09:19 PM

Just to round up the discussion. Yes, I have managed to setup it the way I need it. However, there were too many issues that came up after the setup was made. It is fair if I describe the problems here after I have posted the setup steps, so that one can decide if he can live with the issues that are not solved.

1. Firts part of breadcrumbs in the articles shows to the start page instead of article listing.
2. In the user online list the libary was listed as home page
3. In the user online list the home page was linked as normal page
4. Clicking on sign out or leaving ip.chat has brought the user to the library instead of home page
5. Links to add comments to article and pagination in the article listing should be separately treated in .htaccess otherwise they will not be functional.

For us to many issues. We have partly rolled back and decided to use
It is still possible to replace /_/ with whatever you want. We have not done it, just because there is no word that matches there for us. And we save editing of IP.Content file with DB_MARKER this way. We have tested the url given above with about 20 betatester. No issues, everything works as desired.

#86 Azhar Shahzad

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Posted 14 July 2013 - 03:27 PM

14. Edit /admin/applications/forums/furlTemplates.php to replace index with board and add board to in and out arrays as well


I am trying to change my board url from domain.com/index to domain.com/board. But I could not find the above file in the specified directory for edit. I am using IP 3.4.5. Where file is located to make that modification?

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 04:54 PM

I am trying to change my board url from domain.com/index to domain.com/board. But I could not find the above file in the specified directory for edit. I am using IP 3.4.5. Where file is located to make that modification?


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#88 Azhar Shahzad

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Posted 17 July 2013 - 05:31 PM



Thanks. It worked.

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