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3.3.0 SEO seems to be doing its job! :)

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#1 Breadfan


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Posted 20 March 2012 - 07:50 PM

Unless I was manually posting links to FB, Twitter and other social services (and even then, wouldn't get these results), I never had so many "guests" aka Google bots, indexing my forum at a time (right after a 3.3.0 upgrade, done during late morning hours when nobody is visiting the forum):

I know it's not much but by my board's standards it is. I would usually get 15-16 tops (while manually posting links) but never this many by doing absolutelly nothing.

It's a good first impression, that's for sure. :smile:
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#2 Rimi


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Posted 20 March 2012 - 08:13 PM

That's not going to be a good thing for hosted communities. :x

#3 wingman23


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Posted 20 March 2012 - 08:14 PM

lol, do you know how many guest i have at the moment on 3.2.3

spiritcharms spiritual community 2012-03-21 01-11-43.jpeg

And thats nothing, my highest is 800, and it totally kills my site to a crawl....

Careful what you wish for :logik:
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#4 Breadfan


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Posted 20 March 2012 - 08:32 PM

^^I have a fast server and a top notch hosting provider (been hosted by them for 7 years) so I pretty much doubt they'll do any harm to the board.
I know my spider count is not much, but considering the (local) nature of my board, i'm quite happy with it. ;)

#5 Rhett



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Posted 20 March 2012 - 08:43 PM

I'm sure we would love to be able to say this is from the update, however it's not related at all. The rate at which google and other search engines crawl your site would have nothing to do with upgrading a few hours earlier.

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#6 Breadfan


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Posted 20 March 2012 - 09:49 PM

^^I don't know what made the difference but the moment I was done with the upgrade, the guest (spider) count have risen quite noticably.
Even now while I'm typing this, looking at my board, it says "19 guests".

I'm pretty sure I never had this many search bots crawling my board over several hours now. And I'm not going to complain about it. Could be a coincidence but I'm not so sure about that.. :smile:

#7 3DKiwi


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Posted 20 March 2012 - 10:46 PM

If you're getting crazy high guest counts, go through the on-line user list, filtered to show guests only. You'll almost certainly find many of the guests have the same IP address. Look up the IP at http://whatismyipaddress.com/ If the IP is not a search engine then I would suggest blocking the IP at server level if you access to cpanel. That way they don't even make it to your forum to slow it down. I occasionally find 100 or more and block them this way. Obviously you'll want to leave the likes of Google. You might want to ban Baidu as many people do.

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#8 Umar205523


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Posted 25 May 2012 - 08:08 PM

How can I index my forums. I am sorry if I sound like a noob but i have just bought IPB and dont know how to setup SEO.

Many Thanks!

#9 bfarber



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Posted 29 May 2012 - 09:33 AM

SEO is not something you "set up". SEO refers to how well the HTML output (and other meta factors, such as HTTP headers, URL structure and so forth) are structured so that search engines can read and index your site. You can't index your own forums...google (and other search engines) do that.

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