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Posted 18 July 2012 - 04:24 PM

I don't know what your opinion might be, but from my point of view the best interface is always the simpliest one to use. The current version of the gallery is too complicated, its navigation is not very intuitive, it takes too many clicks to see what really interests you and all in all the whole interface looks very classical and outmoded. Lets late a look at popular gallery social networks and sites like 500px.com or deviantart.com they all seem to have very simple interfaces and its very user friendly as well. IP. Gallery (and I am not talking about the old versions but the proposed version 5 as well) looks just like a shady copy of flickr. There is absolutely nothing innovative about it. Haven't you ever wondered why people rarely used IP. Gallery? I purchased a license a long time ago, but I never used it. Its not that I didn't need it, as a matter of fact I did, but it was too repulsive for my members so it ended up as never being used. Couldn't you think of a new approach somehow? Couldn't you find some inspiration and think of something new, something better than all the photo sharing sites and portfolios? Or if its not new, then could you at least make it more simple and put the images in the center of everything, not albums... people want to see images not stacks (I am not saying that albums shouldn't exsist, I am merely saying they should not be the focus of a gallery while a clean portfolio with all the images should).

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