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So I'm interested in Nexus, and right out of the box I'm not sure this is possible so I figured I'd ask...

I want to create kind of a "channel" based site. Think of it like TV...

So on TV there are "channels", and lots of channels are owned by networks. I want my site to have channels, and these are all hidden or restricted in some way unless a person pays to see them. So think of it like this... you want to watch channel A, but if you don't pay you see it with ads. If you pay, you get to remove the ads.

A bunch of channels come together as kind of a "network"; so you can instead of subscribing to 5 channels, you can subscribe to one network and get them ALL.

Obviously Nexus processes the payments, and as part of that my site gets a cut, and they get the rest. So let's say it's an 80/20 split, where I get 20% and the site channel owners (who offer the content) get 80%.

is this possible?

Thanks for any help!

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You'd pretty much need to make a custom application for that, but you can tie that into Nexus to handle the billing.

You'd also need to think about how you're hosting the videos.

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