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[IPS Marketplace Blog] JLogica new apps

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You may have noticed that JLogica has suddenly acquired a number of applications notably Shoutbox & Links I am still digesting all of the code and bits'n'pieces and trying to organise myself with all of the stuff so be patient with me. I am also swapping back to Tracker after talking to stoo2000 about where Tracker is going so I will need to move all of my issues from MatisBT into Tracker (joy).

Now where the various applications are going to end up I don't know yet the terms of usage of the previous owners may not fit well with what I have planned moving forward. I will try and be fair but as the old saying goes you can not please everyone and I have no doubt that no matter what is done someone will have their nose out of joint. But the reality is that if you want these application to grow, ie features, bug fixes, upgrades for new ipBoard releases & support then you need to assess what the benefit is of having active development. It is quite likely that I will look at some of the work being contracted and that costs money the old TANSTAAFL comes into play.

Short term nothing much dramatic will happen as I am working on a major new project, I will be tinkering with my portfolio to have a break from serious coding and yes I consider what I do with applications to be tinkering. One thing is that some of the free applications are being put onto github Shoutbox and DB Customisation Manager are already there with the following general 'rules';

Forking and usage

You may:

  • Fork the application for your own use you may not distribute modified files
  • Pick up an issue from the Tracker and fix, make code available for merging
You must:
  • Changes must be made available for me to browse and incorporate (or not) here on GitHub
You may NOT:
  • You are not permitted to make any money from the application, it is a free after all!
  • Distribute any version/file
  • Purport that changes made by you are from me
Hopefully things will thrive, but we shall see won't we?

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