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Posted 06 December 2012 - 09:21 AM


Last year, we added an auto-install/upgrade tool into our client area. The tool would upload the latest version of the IPS Community Suite to your server automatically.
The way it worked was after submitting the request, you were entered into a queue, and a program on our server uploaded the files, and emailed you when it was done so that you could run the upgrader script. It normally took about 30 minutes.
30 minutes is pretty good. For someone without the technical knowledge to upgrade, it's a great alternative to asking for a support agent to do the upgrade for you (especially just after a release when everyone is doing just that). However, many users still prefer to do the upgrade themselves (after all, if you can download the source files and upload them to your server in the same time, what's the point?).
We decided we should try and get that time down. We also wanted the process to be much more seamless - so you click "Upgrade", get a loading screen, and then are taken immediately to the upgrade script when it's done, rather than waiting for an email.

Interested to see how fast we managed to get it? Take a look for yourself:
Watch Video
In addition, the system can now handle communities that have renamed their admin directory seamlessly without issue (it previously reset to /admin), and the system will automatically detect which encoding of IP.Nexus to use for your server, if applicable (previously it would only use Zend).
We really hope the Auto-Upgrader will provide a much easier way for you to keep your community up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements.
If you've not already upgraded to IP.Board 3.4, why not go and try it out now? To access the tool, simply go to the Purchases area of the client area, select the community you want to upgrade and click the big "Upgrade Now" button.

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