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  • MTM Ye Olde Post Count Of Yesteryear By Matt

    This simple hook adds an incremented post counter that is clickable to each post.
  • Country Field By Gabrielle V.

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    Wanting to be able to display a country flag that your members choose from a dropdown? This plugin allow for a simple Country profile field. It can be displayed in Display Format so it will show up next to your posts. Also Pages compatible.
    Note: This will not upgrade any custom Country field already existing, it's a brand-new plugin.
    To add as a profile field:
    Go to Admin CP > Members > Member Settings - Profile and click to add a profile field. You should see it in the Field Type dropdown as Country (CVH).

    To display in posts:
    Go to Admin CP > Members > Member Settings - Profile and click to edit your profile field. Go to Search & Display Options - Display Format in the form. Put
    <strong>{title}:</strong> {content}Do not replace the variables with something else though you can tweak the HTML.
  • Ice Cream Parlor Theme By Morrigan

    A simple enough skin, not image heavy that is more on the feminine side.
    Choose the "Ice Cream Parlor" Theme
  • Cookie Notice By -FP

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    Remade the plugin, if you have version 1.0 uninstall it before installing this.
    This plugin displays a cookie notice message popup. In the ACP you can set the message and specify an URL to read more about your cookies policy. You can also choose different styles and positions for the popup. Clicking the "Got it!" button sets a cookie to no longer show the message.
    There are language strings for the "More info" link and for the "Got it!" button.
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    Compatible with Community Suite 4.0.11.

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