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IP.Blog Status Update

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We plan to release a small update later this month, with a slightly refreshed style and a few extra features. We haven't locked down exactly what these features will be, but we will be talking about it more soon. I know that many of you were expecting a larger release and we apologize for the link of time from the last major update to IP.Blog. The larger update is coming, which will be IP.Blog 2, is coming and will release along side IP.Board 3.

We plan to have a beta of 1.4 available in the next two weeks, it's not too late to suggest in minor tweaks and changes that you would like to see included in this release.

We're very excited about the future of IP.Blog and have many new features planned for version 2 and we thank you for your patience during this development time. We'd love to know what features you are most interested in for the next major release, now would be a great time to post those suggestions in the IP.Blog forum.

IP.Blog 2.0 Discussion
IP.Blog 1.4 Discussion

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Just wanted to applaud the IPS for finally giving us some IP.Blog info! It's much appreciated. I hope we will continue to receive such updates on other IPS products.

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