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About This File

This IP.Content Feed Source Allows You to Pull data from your IP.Content pages into Content Feed Blocks.
Additionally, It Allows Templating of The IP.Content Menu As A Feed For Wrapperless Pages Wtih Jquery Effects Native to the New Block Templates.
This Allows Data Feeds of Pages for Easy Menu Creation, and the Use of The IP.Content Menu On Wrapperless Pages.
Honors Page/Menu Permissions, including Secondary groups automatically.
Hands the Page URL to you.
Has an active (user is viewing said page) status flag.
Feed types include: Content Pages
Includes 2 .xml block templates.
1: ipsSideMenu-style Pages "list".
2: ips_utilities_block-style Pages "bar"
3: ips_utilities_block-style IP.Content Menu!
4: IPS Front-page Style IP.Content Menu!
Make reusable menu templates, or use the provided templates with this feed source, the choice is yours.
Version 1.1.x+ Is For IPC 2.3 ONLY, Previous versions hold a 2.2.x IPC Compatible file.

What's New in Version 1.1.1   See changelog


Addition of the Content Navigation Menu Bar Feed, Complete with 2 Styled Block Templates with jQuery Effects.

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