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This Replaces the standard "Moderator Team page" in the forums/elsewhere, with a custom Page, One Where in the ACP you can assign any groups you want to be displayed and in what order they are displayed. You can also add members to groups and hide them as well.

Features: [*]Working News Feed [*]Email Based direct bug reporting [*]Working Updates Available Notice in this applications Overview section [*]Adding any Group to your "Moderator Team Page" [*]Altering What order the Selected Groups display [*]Easy drag and drop ordering [*]When No groups are chosen, it Defaults to the IPB internal or If the application has been disabled. [*]pseudo change the "title" for groups from group name to whatever you wish. [*]Secondary Groups (if enabled, will search secondary groups of members for groups). [*]Hide Members (you can now choose to "hide" members out of groups). [*]2 layouts: New Style, works similar to how IPB 3.3+ renders its team moderator page with pagination, Old Style, how custom moderator team page works now, creates individual blocks for each group. [*]add a member to a group.(it will be a pseudo add like changing the group name, they will not inherit the permissions from the group they are displayed in). [*]on the display page, you can now choose to show either the user group or their title, and either their join date or last active time. [*]added settings module [*]can organize members by name,group,join date, last login date, and then sort them by asc or desc. [*]new administrator restrictions available.
Note: this app is no longer compatible with IPB 3.2 series, if you want it for IPB 3.2+, please purchase the 1.0.0 series, or upgrade IPB to the latest available.

What's New in Version 2.1.5   See changelog


fixed illegal offset warning

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Does this work with 3.4.7?

​Working for me :)

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