(tng33) Improved Anti Cache Hash 1.0.0


About This File

Exactly as the title says, this hook aims to improve upon the "Anti-Cache Hash" which IP.Board now has to try and stop web browsers caching old CSS and javascript files.

IP.Board's default implementation will only ever realistically change the hash when upgrading to a new version of IP.Board. This is not ideal, especially when you make changes to your skins as the changes will not be reflected without everyone who visits your site, first clearing their browser cache.

What this very lightweight and simple hook does, is replace all instances of the hash with another one (based on the original hash), but it will change based on the timestamp of when the skin the user is viewing was last updated.

You may find you need to re-cache the skin after editing it, to force the timestamp to update if you do not see your CSS changes straight away.

Basically, if you are having issues with CSS changes not making it to your users without them clearing their browser cache, give this hook a try and get behind our feedback thread for getting something like this added to a future IP.Board release:
IPB 3.4.x
I'm pleased to say this is not needed for IPB 3.4.x, as IPS have implemented this fix themselves :smile:

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Initial IPB 3.3 Release

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