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  • Trader Feedback System By stoo2000

    • $30.00
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    • 299
    Build trust in your community, or forum-based marketplace with the Trader Feedback System.

    This application allows members to leave feedback for each other on forum transactions.
    Members can leave positive, negative, or neutral feedbackOptional or mandatory link in feedback to the topic or classifieds item where the deal took place (currently IP.Board 3 only)Integrates with IP.Board's notification system (currently IP.Board 3 only)Integrates feedback information in member profiles Restrict access and features based on user groupSource code is completely un-encodedOne-click install. No file edits required.Captcha on Feedback SubmissionFlood Control on Feedback SubmissionIntegration with Classifieds (currently IP.Board 3 only)Includes Content Spy support. (currently IP.Board 3 only)Upgrading
    Please see the included documentation for upgrade instructions
    If you find any bugs in this product, please report them to our bug tracker.

    If you require any support for this product please create a Technical Support ticket in the Client Area. You must supply your PayPal Transaction ID (for legacy customers) or your IPS Community display name and email address.

    Please note
    There are two files available for download, one is for IPS4 and one is for IP.Board 3.4.
  • MTM Ye Olde Post Count Of Yesteryear By Matt

    This simple hook adds an incremented post counter that is clickable to each post.
  • Ice Cream Parlor Theme By Morrigan

    A simple enough skin, not image heavy that is more on the feminine side.
    Choose the "Ice Cream Parlor" Theme
  • Bookmarks By ipsrocks

    This application allows your members to save their favorite content or content which they need to access quickly.
    You can also add notes to your bookmark to find them faster, and you can set it as public (then it will be shown on the members profile once this feature is implemented.
    I had to implement this setting, so the people are able to set it already. It's better then if the people would have to set the privacy level for all their bookmarks once this is implemented

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