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  • IPS Classic By Lukeroge

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    Make IPS 4 look like IP.Board 3.4! IPS Classic attempts to replicate the classic look and feel of 3.4, while still including many of the awesome improvements made in 4.0. And of course, it's still fully responsive.
    This theme is very much still a work in progress, but I'm posting it here to get feedback and suggestions.
  • Simplify by IPS Themes By Tom Christian

    • $30.00
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    Live Demo

  • Hide Content on Report By ipsrocks

    • $3.00
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    This plugin will hide the reported content automatically.
    You can define in the plugin settings the groups, which should be able to use this.

  • Cookie Notice By -FP

    This plugin displays a cookie notice message popup. In the ACP you can set the message and specify an URL to read more about your cookies policy. You can also choose different styles and positions for the popup. Clicking the "Got it!" button sets a cookie to no longer show the message.
    You are able to block Google Analytics Cookie until the consent message is dismissed.
    There are language strings for the "More info" link, for the "Got it!" button, and for the message itself if you choose to use the translations.
    Powered by: - JS loaded from their site. (Don't act as if I didn't warn you about it)
    Compatible with Community Suite

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