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  • MTM Ye Olde Post Count Of Yesteryear By Matt

    This simple hook adds an incremented post counter that is clickable to each post.
  • Country Field By Gabrielle V.

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    Wanting to be able to display a country flag that your members choose from a dropdown? This plugin allow for a simple Country profile field. It can be displayed in Display Format so it will show up next to your posts. Also Pages compatible.
    Note: This will not upgrade any custom Country field already existing, it's a brand-new plugin.
    To add as a profile field go to Admin CP > Members > Member Settings - Profile and click to add a profile field. You should see it in the Field Type dropdown as Country (CVH).

  • Ice Cream Parlor Theme By Morrigan

    A simple enough skin, not image heavy that is more on the feminine side.
    Choose the "Ice Cream Parlor" Theme
  • Cookie Notice By -FP

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    This plugin will display a cookie notice message on the bottom of your site. Edit the plugin in the ACP to set the message.
    Users can click a button to accept and close the message. If you edit the message in the ACP, users will have to accept it again.
    Translate the language string 'cookieNotice_button' to customize the text of the button.
    Compatible with Community Suite 4.0.7.

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