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  1. Subforum Categories

    I've been a member of a few sites that use VB as their forum. There is a feature that I really like in VB. Like us, we have subforums, but we do not have subforum categories. So you go the main index of the site category forum 1 forum 2 I would love to see the subforum work exactly like the index where we got subforum category subforum 1 subforum 2 I think it would look a bit more organized if we had this option. There still should be an option for the people whom don't need it. Some forums can go really deep in subforums because of this.
  2. IP.Blog 2.1.0 Development Update

    I like :)
  3. Hosting vB Forums on IPS Hosting

    I used to be hosted by Invision. It is a good starting website if you don't need a whole lot. I don't think IPB's focus is hosting, but as an extra service to their customers. Its also a great way to have your first website and be able to test the ipb board, but it had its limitations as those boards were encoded so a lot of third party addons did not work with it at the time. Every time I want to come back, I found that I really can't as I have outgrown their hosting. They used to have webservers showing on their website, but I don't see that either. Wish they would have reseller accounts (ones with multiple cpanels).
  4. Okay, let me see if I can take a stab at this. I have used both. If you have no html or css knowledge at all, IP content is a lot harder that tiny portal was. You can probably use ipcontent with no problem, but to take advantage of what it has available of everything available html and css is something you would need to learn just a tad. I have found that I like ipb a whole lot better than smf. You can do a lot more without relying on a whole lot of third party addons. The downside compared to smf is how you have to load up the addons which is through ftp. On smf you can load it up right from the admin panel. You should go test drive ipb. It has a whole lot more features than smf has and you won't regret going with ipb.
  5. Perpetual License & Spam Monitoring Service

    We have to wait and see what they are going to do.
  6., the Future IPB

    I saw this not that long ago. Don't care for it.
  7. Introducing Spam Monitoring Service

    I am in total agreement with everyone else here whom has a perpetual license or lifetime license here. I have both the perpetual and the standard just for the record. If I really wanted this on my board, I can't get because I not willing to transfer my perpetual to a standard for the mere fact that I would lose out in the benefits of the perpetual license has to offer. More specifically, I am not willing to give up on the free upgrades regardless of if I renew support or not with that license. In order to get the extra features, we should pay an extra $20 a year without having to change the structure of our license.
  8. I came to bring the stars for you..:)
    happy birthday