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  1. P-Kin added a comment on a file Align BBCodes   

    At last one which actually works thanks
  2. P-Kin added a post in a topic EXIF   

    You probably found it but

    (Gallery) Show Image > show_image


    <if test="$info['_camera_model']"> <li><strong>{$this->lang->words['camera_ucfirst']}:</strong> {$info['_camera_model']}</li> </if> <if test="$info['_date_taken']"> <li><strong>{$this->lang->words['taken_ucfirst']}:</strong> {$info['_date_taken']}</li> </if>
    That worked for me on Gallery 5.0.3 to remove camera model and date taken and it needs to be removed from all themes, I also keep a copy of the original template code
  3. P-Kin added a post in a topic EXIF   

    +1 It's important to be able to disable EXIF for privacy reasons I'm really disappointed this has been excluded
  4. P-Kin added a post in a topic Gallery comments made by the user   

    Done. Thanks
  5. P-Kin added a post in a topic Gallery comments made by the user   

    Okay thanks understood

    Yes this is the main feature I can't understand because when I click on Find content in the users profile page and click on Gallery>comments it doesn't show comments that user has made on others. It only shows comments others have made on that users content (pictures)

    I will submit a support ticket though because they could probably see the issues straight away.

    Overall though the leap from gallery 3 to 5, and forum 3.0.5 to 3.3.4 I expected some issues but I like the new layout, features.and integration. Thanks
  6. P-Kin added a topic in IP.Gallery   

    Gallery comments made by the user
    Maybe my conversion to Gallery 5 also includes this bug but it seems in "View New Content" and the users profile "Find content" will only show comments made by others on that users pictures.

    Can it be implemented to show comments made by that user on others preferably with a separate link
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  7. P-Kin added a comment on a file Dimensions & Image Size on Gallery Images   

    You think of everything what were they thinking of by removing this thankyou
  8. P-Kin added a post in a topic IPB Content Purchase   

    Ok thanks brandon I was beginning to think I was asking a stupid question :smile:
  9. P-Kin added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    IPB Content Purchase
    Just renewed support for IPB perpetual licence and also renewed gallery.but hey I want to spend more money folks and buy IPB content.

    So what the difference with my situation with this selection when purchasing

    Associate This Package

    IPS Community Suite ()
    IPS Community Suite
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  10. P-Kin added a comment on a file Subscriptions Manager   

    Just to second what's already been said thanks very much Michael
  11. P-Kin added a comment on a blog entry IP.Gallery 3.1.0 now in testing   

    Good news and well worth the long wait and belief that one day, one year us gallery owners would see some development. Lets not leave it so long, keep the ball rolling, this is a valuable addition to many boards
  12. P-Kin added a post in a topic Custom Friend URL   

    If your asking can the forum title be combined with the topic title the answer is no with the onboard IPB Furl rewrite. Where have you seen this then :unsure: You can alter the furls slightly but the forums and the topics are two separate urls.

    If your starting a board from scratch and if I was you then I would stick with the default furl settings in 3.0.x to save any issues with future upgrades.