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  1. IPS 4.0 Default Themes

    These discussions never get old...
  2. LinkedIn Authorization (Login/Registration) A Must

    That is a logical explanation, thank you for your reply.
  3. LinkedIn Authorization (Login/Registration) A Must

    This feature has been requested since the 26th of June 2011 source: . Whilst I understand that that IPS cannot incorporate every social network, could you perhaps explain to me why there are login methods for facebook and twitter, and not for lInkedin? Considering that the aforementioned social networks constitute of different but significant demographics that populate each social network? Thank you for your input.
  4. "Place Bid" Option

    An auction system would be a welcome addition in my opinion. The Nexus application is already fragmented as it is, I see no reason why this couldn't be added.
  5. Linkedin Connect

    Nice find Chetan, I hope that IPS sees the same potential as we board administrators see in this feature.
  6. Nexus Wish list (features)

    Thank you for your input guys. All valid suggestions.
  7. Article Archive

    Hello, Did I miss the "article archive" function, or is it not available by default? If not, it might be a helpful suggestion.
  8. Nexus Wish list (features)

    Mark,Thank you for your response.- Reward Points SystemEssentially I am referring to a customer "loyalty program". In order to increase sales/ retain existing customers. For example if a customer has spend x amount of a units in your store, therefore the individual qualifies for a personal coupon of y%. An example of such system can be found in a competing product. See "reference #1" at the bottom of this post.- Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of productsIn essence, being able to filter a large about of products by selecting various admin set criteria.Think of price range, color, size, weight, etc. This way a customer can find the product of his or her liking faster. Thus reducing the chance of losing a potential sale because the customer can't find what he or she is looking for. See reference #2 at the bottom of this post.- Automated Email Marketing RemindersIn essence expand the "bulk mail" feature and tie that into IP.Nexus so one can inform its customers/ newsletter subscribers better about ongoing promotions. In addition be able to select specific filters to target frequent customers with "special" promotions. Set up campaign's for specific user groups or buyers of specific products so one can tailer the communication to it's "type" of consumer. Therefore create a more effective information flow and extract sales.- Customer review systemI just noticedthat such system is already available in the IPS Marketplace, however it would be nice if users were able to give a rating (1-5 stars) for price, quality, and value. A "testimonial/ review" system can be of great value to an internet store since several independent studies have shown that testimonials/ peer reviews have a great influence on the consumers decision making process. I think IP. Nexus still has room to utilise this aspect.I hope that this information was of any value to you.Reference #1: Reference #2:
  9. Nexus Wish list (features)

    Hello, First of all I would like to thank the IPS staff for all their hard work developing the different modules/ applications. While I am pleased with the development of the core system I do have a few items I would like to suggest for a future release of IP.Nexus. Suggestions:Customer wish list Reward Points System Gift Certificates/Cards (Virtual) Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products in Categories Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products in Search Results Filter by Product Tags Multiple Images Per Product Product Image Zoom-in Capability Recently viewed products Automated Email Marketing Reminders Abandoned Shopping Cart Report Best Viewed Products Report Best Purchased Products Report Coupon Usage Report Total Sales Invoiced report Total Sales Refunded report Best Customers Report by volume / gross revenue report Most sold package / category report customer review system Thank you for reading these suggestions, also check out: Linkedin Connect
  10. Linkedin Connect

    Thank you for your guys input. Furthermore, I believe that there is a bigger demand for this feature than is currently being indicated in this topic therefore I decided to 'bump' this topic.
  11. Google+ Support & Paypal?

    OP, I am Dutch, and I was able to use a bank wire to complete my initial purchase. Just create a support ticket for the sales department and they will generate an invoice for you. In addition they will provide you with the necessary details to complete your transaction..
  12. Linkedin Connect

    Hello, I would like to request an "Linkedin Connect" component to supplement the current Facebook and Twitter social media connectivity features within the IP. product suite. Why? I believe that this can benefit various communities, especially professional oriented communities. Note that as of 22 March 2011 Linkedin surpassed 100M users (Source: http://blog.linkedin...in-100-million/) and has a different demographic compared to Facebook and Twitter. Therefore I hope that you will consider adding this social media network to the the IPS software infrastructure. Kind Regards, Cogito ergo sum.
  13. "License Key Missing" in 3.2 B1

    Hello Mat B, My apologies, I missed that post as I used different keywords to search a for a related topic. Thank you for your reply and offered solution.
  14. "License Key Missing" in 3.2 B1

    Hello, I am impressed with the improvements/innovations IPS made to the overall core system. Moreover, I am looking forward to see how new versions of IP.Nexus, IP.Content, and IP. Downloads will enhance the overall developer and user experience. However, I do have some feedback in regard to the current "License Key Missing" message. In fact it is quite obnoxious for us licensed/legitimate users when it is obstructing system generated messages (often one cannot read system generated notifications due to the red banner that is overlaying the actual message). Especially when one is developing on a development board which is fully compliant with the TOS/ License agreement. I hope that IPS could incorporate a less intrusive method to combat piracy without taking away with usability of fully licensed users. Kind Regards, Cogito ergo sum
  15. Get rid of friends and make it a follow system

    What is the staff''s stance on the current friend system? I would like to know their vision is in regard to connectivity and functions of ip board that revolve around social networking? Does IPS search to integrate the bigger social networks or does IPS intend to develop their own social networking features?