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  1. We have "profile information" twice

    That is a good idea. It will also make it less confusing for members.
  2. Ok so I confused people with out meaning to.

  3. Like Status Updates

    Ah well it might be good if it was updated. Right now I am working on my own little mod that will turn the status updates into a shoutbox. It used to kind of work like a shoutbox on this site for a while so with the ip.shoutbox being a ruined by the new developer I thought I should use the status updates as a shoutbox.
  4. Like Status Updates

    I think when the status updates first came out you could like them but for what ever reason that was removed.
  5. I have gotten very little to no spam in the past few months. After upgrading to 3.3 the spam pretty much stopped except for the spam that got bad in the reports before I turned that off to guests. I am also not even using the spam protection that is offered in the latest version.
  6. License Changes Live

    As of this week this has caused me major issues. I just renewed the gallery and now that the ip.content needs renewed  I have to pay for both. I thought about just waiting 4 months to make it work out but I am currently having issues the ip.content. 
  7. I swear the ips staff have been taken over by ferangi as I renewed the gallery 2 months ago and I have to renew it again. That is so ferangi it is not funny.

  8. What about adding another button for getting the url.
  9. My members have been asking me why it does what it does. Some have even asked why the save button does not work. So had to explain what to do to get it to save. So yes this would be a good thing and would also make for less annoyed members.
  10. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

    The pasting feature I will use all the time. I have to keep hitting the little light switch next to the eraser when I copy and paste. Although most of the time I just keep the wysiwyg off when pasting and turn it back on only when I need to use one of the buttons. 
  11. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Bulk Mail with Mandrill

    Well this is good. My host actually limits the amount of emails you can send per day. I can not remember what the number is but if I remember correctly it is 500 maybe less. So as a result I do not send bulk emails at all.  This will greatly help with that issue.    Thank you. 
  12. Tag suggestion

    Not how I look at it. It tags could be viewed and edited in the admin cp and a description be added from there it would save time. Right now the tags use the search system which works but is not exactly how I want tags to work especially in the ip.content. In the forum and gallery that works fine but not in the ip.content. For right now what I will do is create a dictionary page that lists tags and what they mean.
  13. Tag suggestion

    It would be nice to be able to add a definition to tags. I mean if you click on a tag it would say what the tag means and then have the results. Kind of like the tags on Having the little bobble they have would be nice as well. I know it would be something I would use on my site.
  14. create a FORUM at ROOT (not a category)

    If I understand correctly you are trying to create a forum that is not in side a category. This is not something IP.board is able to do. However you can create just one category and put all your forums in there.