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  1. Please consider re-releasing your RPG mod. It was great! One of it's kind.

  2. RPG Status for IP.Board 3 thanks

  3. RPG Status for IP.Board 3 released! :)

    1. JahLion


      great hook and it's FREE thx

  4. Working on RPG Status for IP.Board 3 :)

  5. Q's

    1) Yes. Just change the board URL in the Client Area and you are set. 2 ) The graphic development kit is a PSD file to use with Photoshop.
  6. Thinking of moving away from VB

    You can test the IP.BOARD demo to see for yourself: http://www.invisionp...oducts/demo.php
  7. vBulletin Owners: Handy FAQs

    Yes. You can continue to run your board normally. Then, if you want to get technical support, services and download the latest version, just pay the $25,00 fee to renew your license.
  8. IP.Chat Service Testing

    Very good. Looking forward to test it. But it´s not active for now. Edit: It´s online now. Very good.
  9. vBulletin Owners: Handy FAQs

    1 - Pretty easy. You can do it yourself with the free converter (http://www.invisionp...ard/convert.php) or buy a conversion from IPS. They will do everything for you. 2 - No problem here. Seriously. IPS ALWAYS honor their licenses (past, present and future). 3 - You can try the demo. See for yourself: http://www.invisionp...oducts/demo.php
  10. Considering purchase

    When you buy IPB, you can run it forever. There is no "leased" licences here. The 6 months renewal is for support/updates. If you bought a license in 2003 and it expired in 2004, and now you want to use the new version, just pay $25,00 to renew your license and then download the new version. Very easy and simple.
  11. vBulletin Refugees

    Stop thinking. Jump in now!
  12. vBulletin Refugees

    Still about IPB WIKI, they have now a pre release version (2.2.0) that
  13. vBulletin Refugees

    IPB WIKI can do the job. It