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  1. Fatal "Member sync" error when logging in

    I've submitted a support ticket. This topic can be closed!
  2. Fatal "Member sync" error when logging in

    I deleted the board completely and reinstalled it plus Nexus and I'm still getting this error. Tried re-syncing and re-caching everything. Still get the error.
  3. When I login to the front end of the board after installing Nexus, I get this error:Fatal Error: Call to a member function update() on a non-object in /home/public_html/mydomain.com/board/admin/applications_addon/ips/nexus/extensions/memberSync.php on line 208 Nexus works fine in the admin backend and it works fine on the front end when I'm not logged in. But as soon as I login, this error occurs. Any idea what is causing it? Thanks in advance!
  4. Why is Nexus Encoded with Zenguard?

    I've had a look at some of the code and some of the files don't seem to be encoded (like template stuff, etc, but I'm not sure, I haven't looked thoroughly yet). After thinking about it for a while, it's probably just as well that it's encoded, since we ARE dealing with money and customer data here. I'm a HUGE fan of open source software and the products I'm selling are all open source. I use open source software whenever I can. But I've decided to go proprietary for my client management software because having a secure client portal is crucial to my business success (also, Nexus was the only program I could find that integrated with a forum and had the exact functionality I wanted). If a hacker were to get into my server, they could seriously compromise some of the critical files like you pointed out and possibly affecting customer data. Having things encoded helps to ensure that I won't wake up one morning and find out that somebody turned my database upside down. IPS has their own reasons for encoding the software, but if you think about it, it also benefits those of us who are using the software for business as well. When we're dealing with money and client data, better super secure than sorry! That said, I still think they should have been more transparent about it from the moment they made the decision to encode things. Sure, it might have put off some people but those same people would be put off anyway (PLUS they would be angry about the lack of transparency) once they found out. I think most people appreciate being informed of all the requirements beforehand. It's only fair. I hope I'm not being too critical, though, because I AM very appreciative of this software! :)
  5. Question about paths

    I'm about to install Nexus on my site. I have one question that has just come up. I want my forums to be located at mysite.com/support/ I want the Nexus customer area and management to be located at mysite.com/support/customer/ Finally, I want the shop part of Nexus to be located at mysite.com/shop/ Is there a setting inside Nexus to change the paths, or is this something I'd need to do using .htaccess and mod_rewrite? Thanks for any suggestions!
  6. Why is Nexus Encoded with Zenguard?

    I came here a bit late, so I'm wondering...was there any announcement at all made in the past that this product would be encoded? Any mention in a blog post or something? Just curious.
  7. Why is Nexus Encoded with Zenguard?

    I do agree that it should have been made clear as soon as the decision was made to encode the software. You should always be upfront about ALL requirements. However, luckily my awesome host supports ZenGuard. (it's Hostgator, BTW and I'm on a shared server). Can't wait to buy and set up this software. Thanks IPS, you are a godsend! :D
  8. How do I purchase Nexus?

    Oh OK that's not too far from $49...I was afraid it would be much more than that or something. :D Whew! Yeah I've just seen the coming soon message. Does this mean it's coming tomorrow? I can't wait! :D
  9. How do I purchase Nexus?

    How much will it cost, then? Ballpark? :o
  10. How do I purchase Nexus?

    Wow, thanks for the speedy reply! Ah, so I'm just in time. I didn't realize it hadn't been released yet. :) I've been combing the net all weekend looking for good membership software when I came across this. I do have one more question though. I have a standard license for the IP board. Will I still be able to purchase Nexus by itself, or do I need a business license first? That's a showstopper for me at this point!
  11. How do I purchase Nexus?

    I'm confused, I see Nexus on the website and it looks PERFECT for my business -- a client area integrated into my board. When I clicked on "Buy now" for Nexus, I was taken to the page to purchase Invision Power Board and/or other items, but no option to purchase Nexus. How do I purchase Nexus as an add-on to my board? Or is there something I'm missing?