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  1. Pages : Where is the fiedl "Database Relationship" ????

    4.0.5.... always nothing...
  2. Pages : Where is the fiedl "Database Relationship" ????

    Unfortunately no...
  3. Pages : Where is the fiedl "Database Relationship" ????

    Thanks Ralf I hope this come soon and not in 4.x . Without that, I cannot upgrade to Suite 4 And it will be great to add functionnalities from the hook that i link
  4. (M34) Auto Welcome Members

    ​It's already update and you can download it on devfuse. This file will upload here soon.
  5. Hi, In IP.content 2.3.x, I use a lot of field "Database Relationship" in my databases. (and I use this too in complement) I upgrade my test forum to Suite 4.0.0, and I see that my fields "Database Relationship" were deleted... I try to re create it, and there are not present ??? Have you remove this ?
  6. Hi, In IP.Gallery 5.0, you had "pInterest Integration" - See blog entries from @bfarber Do you remove this in Gallery 4 ? Or this is an option that is disable by default ? I d'ont find anything in PC admin Thanks
  7. Replace Images in Quotes with a Text-Link

    Like this ?? :smile:
  8. Where is IP.links ?

    Yes, it's possible See :
  9. Blog Comments (Facebook and Twitter)

    Good idea and not only on IP.Blog
  10. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Reputation Enhancements

    [quote name='Youp3' timestamp='1325784568'] Nice.Did you plan to add reputation sort key in member list, as post count and join date ? Really good idea !
  11. ipb v2.3.5 vers v3.2.3

    You can find French Pack on
  12. Joyeux Anniversaire à "Songs Of Faith And Devotion" qui fête ses 17 ans ce lundi 22 mars ! Nous fetons cela sur...

  13. IP.Chat Down

    I have the same problem I generate a new key... but it doesn't work...