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  1. Pages : Where is the fiedl "Database Relationship" ????

    4.0.5.... always nothing...
  2. Pages : Where is the fiedl "Database Relationship" ????

    Unfortunately no...
  3. Pages : Where is the fiedl "Database Relationship" ????

    Thanks RalfI hope this come soon and not in 4.x . Without that, I cannot upgrade to Suite 4 And it will be great to add functionnalities from the hook that i link
  4. (M34) Auto Welcome Members

    ‚ÄčIt's already update and you can download it on devfuse. This file will upload here soon.
  5. Hi,In IP.content 2.3.x, I use a lot of field "Database Relationship" in my databases. (and I use this too in complement)I upgrade my test forum to Suite 4.0.0, and I see that my fields "Database Relationship" were deleted... I try to re create it, and there are not present ??? Have you remove this ?
  6. Hi,In IP.Gallery 5.0, you had "pInterest Integration" - See blog entries from @bfarberDo you remove this in Gallery 4 ? Or this is an option that is disable by default ? I d'ont find anything in PC adminThanks
  7. Using custom filters in a block

    Hi, I try to understand the custom filters in IP.Content's blocks. This is very interesting and very useful. But I regret the lack of information and documentation on which variables to use. Someone can help me ? I try to find the variable that would allow me to display records from a database from the same day and month (and not the year). If I put "today" it will show me only the records of March 10th 2014. But I wish it displays my records on March 10th (from all years). (like celebrate a birthday) Thanks for help
  8. Categories in "My Medias"

    Thanks for your answer
  9. Categories in "My Medias"

    Always a possibility to believe? Or this idea is completely rejected? :sweat:
  10. Categories in "My Medias"

    Distant future or near future? :tongue:
  11. Categories in "My Medias"

    Yes, it was Global Album and not categories.... But it would be great to add categories too in My Medias. If you check my database with IP.Content : I use My Medias to link content from other IPS app (Gallery, Download, Blog) in Content Databases
  12. Categories in "My Medias"

    Would be great if we can use gallery categories in "My Medias" and not only albums It was possible to do in Gallery 4... Can you add this for the next update please ? Thanks
  13. Replace Images in Quotes with a Text-Link

    Like this ?? :smile:
  14. Where is IP.links ?

    Yes, it's possible See :