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  1. How to renew support for my license?

    Done! thank you.
  2. How to renew support for my license?

    That is the problem. I don't see any renew options. I have two packages for IPB (while i have one license, how is this possible?) and when i click on:Invision Power Board Perpetual License (Support Expired) I only see license information.
  3. How to renew support for my license? I don't see the option in the client area to renew support for my licensed IPB. Please help.
  4. IP.Nexus Dev Update - Support Requests

    Is it possible to pay per support request? I wan't to build a community where users can ask for support, but have to charge for every request. Or can buy a bundle of support requests and every time they request support, this is tracked by the system.
  5. IP.Chat 1.1 Dev Update

    There are cool things happening at IP. One minor point of discussion : Why do we need this small popup? I think it is better to add a new tab at that point before the user has responded. Just open a new tab and let us put our message there.
  6. Dutch translation

    IPB is not free, but if you have a license you can download the dutch translation for free. I am using it on my site a.t.m. (http://www.turksestudent.nl).
  7. How to install Sphinx with IPB

    Anyone know what the problem can be?
  8. IP.Board 3.1: Notifications

    [quote name='bfarber' date='15 January 2010 - 02:59 PM'] With an easier to use notification system, we have ideas for other areas we can add similar notifications. Things like "You've received reputation points" and the like. Baby steps, though. You just received a reputation point for that ;)
  9. Downloaded 3.0.5 this morning: What's new?

    Where is the Mobile skin? Wouldn't it be released with 3.0.5?
  10. What's yours Bouce Rate?

    What is bouce rate?
  11. someone working on a mobile skin?

  12. [Suggestion] Hooks - Data

    We all need this... Can we expect this for the next minor release (3.0.3)?
  13. Hi, Yesterday i renewed my perpetual ipb license, but i see no changes. If i login in the client area, i can't find anything about my payment yesterday. Can someone help me?
  14. CSS and Templates works only in IE

    Please, be more specific!
  15. IPB 4.0! When! We need it!

    So long? Please don't ask it anymore :)