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  1. simplymesobe5280 added a post in a topic why were <br> converted to <p> in old posts?   

    Maybe it´s part of this issue
  2. simplymesobe5280 added a comment Rebuild bug when raw HTML is stored with a post   

    Will this be fixed in the near future ?
  3. simplymesobe5280 added a comment [4.0.9] missing recent topics and recend gallery pictures widgeds   

    Yeah that´s it.
    Many Thanks AutoitScript
  4. simplymesobe5280 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.9] missing recent topics and recend gallery pictures widgeds
    I am missing recent topics and recent gallery pictures widgeds
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  5. simplymesobe5280 added a post in a topic I´m sad!!!!   

    Hello Lindy,
    Many Thanks for your explanation.
    I agree with most of your points. First let me say i am not in a hurry to upgrade my live site - it´s running fine. Also let me say that your team is great, friendly and almost always very helpful - Thanks.
    Our "testdrive" isn´t made to run a second site.  It´s just to test new features, addons and new software versions like your 4.x.x .
    I ran the the 4.x.x upgrades since the first public beta to help you and the community to address and fix problems and issues of the new versions. And i did this with close contacts to you and your team. So i did with 4.0.7 and ran into 1 old and a new tricky issues. I ran it two times more to see on what step the issue happens, made screenshots etc and reported all with examples. Then i got these replies a+nd was angry and sad and felt a lil stupid and posted this here.
    Rhett checked it and it seems i am not that stupid lol. Thanks to you too Rhett.  
    Once again Thank You and have a great week
  6. simplymesobe5280 added a post in a topic I´m sad!!!!   

    Dorian they asked me on the tracker to send a ticket on the previous version with another of these issues. Brandon found and could fix a bad issue making an upgrade on our server. I just continued this way and got the ass kick.
    And i will NOT be that stupid to run tests on our live site
  7. simplymesobe5280 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.7]rebuilding / converting destroys embedded posts / topics
    I ran an 3.4.8 --> 4.0.7 upgrade. We have several parts with topics and posts with embedded content. I checked these posts directly after the upgrade was complete and all worked fine in the same way like on 3.4.8. After the convertings / rebuildings were done these topics / posts are bad.
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  8. simplymesobe5280 added a topic in Product Feedback   

    I´m sad!!!!
    Since the first beta up to 4.0.7 i spent my time and money to help testing these versions, reporting the noticed issues and giving access to my server that your team can reproduce issues. Now on 4.0.7 i get such a message from YOU STAFF on a ticket about a critical issue
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  9. simplymesobe5280 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.7] No picture attachments shown
    There are no attached pictures in any posts / topics shown. Either the attached pictures are shown as link or even not at all. I reported this issue here already
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  10. simplymesobe5280 added a review on a file Transparent Theme - Improved   

    It´s a real real cool great skin
    The coder is very nice and helpful - all questions were answered uber fast. And with his hints and help i got my n00b probs solved in no time
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  11. simplymesobe5280 added a post in a topic 3.4 Features missing in 4.0   

    Yeah this would be helpful. I miss
    Cookie domain
    Cookie prefix
    Path to 'upload' directory
    Upload URL
    Paths and URLs   
    Directory to store images   
    IPB has detected your uploads path as: /home/... 
    URL to store images   
    Leave this blank if images are being stored in a non-web-accessible location. Dynamic URLs will be used instead.
    IP.Board has detected your uploads url as:
    Update these manually for Test Board install that the live site doesn´t get touched.
  12. simplymesobe5280 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.7] gallery missing thumb for video clips
    The issue that i reported on several previous versions like here
    isn´t fixed yet. I have the same issue on 4.0.7 .
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  13. simplymesobe5280 added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [] Group Icon Image Position
    The Group Icon Image should be shown like on 3.4.8 and not at the bottom


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  14. simplymesobe5280 added a comment [] No Smilies   

    No fix yet. Brandon is working on it.
  15. simplymesobe5280 added a comment [] No picture attachments shown   

    I did an 3.4.8 --> upgrade. This problem started with the 4.0.5 upgrade.