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  1. Marketplace theme category difficult to find

    Sort order on all categories totally messed up      

    I bought the cool Gamer theme It´s a very professional made theme for a good price. The help and support is also very professional, fast and friendly! Continue the great work Mark  
  3. Unread Topic Badge

    Cool addon! Many Thanks  
  4. Pro Gamer (4.1)

    This is a real cool theme with so many extra features Still need to decide if i finally use the wide  screen or normal version. Maybe both
  5. Manage Inactive Members

    I miss it too on 4.x.x. It would be great if you can upgrade it.
  6. Full Inbox Warning

    A very useful tool - Many Thanks Adriano  
  7. Enhanced Joined Date

    Thanks Adriano Can you make it working on 4.1.x please  
  8. Navigation Bar Links

    A real cool and easy to use plugin - Many Thanks    
  9. Vectron - IPS4.1 Theme (HQ)

    Just installed this great dark theme. The install ran without any problems and all the features are real cool The coder is very nice and helpful  
  10. Will 4.0.x be EOL after 4.1 Release ?

    Will there be a 4.0.14 before 4.1.x ?
  11. I wonder if i run the only site with these issuesThese 2 problems exist since the first betas. The staff checked them but it looks like there is no chance of any fix Tickets didn´t help either. Is there any other site owner who fixed these issues already maybe ?Many Thanks  
  12. why were <br> converted to <p> in old posts?

    Maybe it´s part of this issue
  13. I´m sad!!!!

    Hello Lindy,Many Thanks for your explanation. I agree with most of your points. First let me say i am not in a hurry to upgrade my live site - it´s running fine. Also let me say that your team is great, friendly and almost always very helpful - Thanks.Our "testdrive" isn´t made to run a second site.  It´s just to test new features, addons and new software versions like your 4.x.x .I ran the the 4.x.x upgrades since the first public beta to help you and the community to address and fix problems and issues of the new versions. And i did this with close contacts to you and your team. So i did with 4.0.7 and ran into 1 old and a new tricky issues. I ran it two times more to see on what step the issue happens, made screenshots etc and reported all with examples. Then i got these replies a+nd was angry and sad and felt a lil stupid and posted this here.Rhett checked it and it seems i am not that stupid lol. Thanks to you too Rhett.  Once again Thank You and have a great week  
  14. I´m sad!!!!

    Dorian they asked me on the tracker to send a ticket on the previous version with another of these issues. Brandon found and could fix a bad issue making an upgrade on our server. I just continued this way and got the ass kick.And i will NOT be that stupid to run tests on our live site
  15. I´m sad!!!!

    Since the first beta up to 4.0.7 i spent my time and money to help testing these versions, reporting the noticed issues and giving access to my server that your team can reproduce issues. Now on 4.0.7 i get such a message from YOU STAFF on a ticket about a critical issueMANY THANKS !!!