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  1. Need help with the rewrite rules for htaccess.
    RewriteRule .*-t(d+?).html(.*)?$$1 [L,R=301]
    gives internal server error

  2. I like change too!

  3. Using TomTom traffic on the iPhone. I didn't think I would ever try it again after being so impressed my navigon, but it has worked good.

    1. AlexJ


      Testing :p

    2. Lee Craven

      Lee Craven

      I still love Navigon over TomTom :) - TomTom have been around a very long while and they still charge fees.

  4. Michael definitely wins best #ipb profile page.

    1. AtariAge


      Yeah, I love that background image!

    2. goodfella_uk
  5. Suggestion: PM - reply by email

    The Issue: I get reply emails all day long in the mail account that sends out board emails even though I have implemented to following changes. 1. I have edited the language sting of the email and added this to the top:
  6. So many hooks, not enough sidebar.

  7. IP.Content 2.0 Dev Update: Useful updates to feed blocks

    Maybe now I can pull total topic replies instead of total forum replies in my topic feed block. Looking forward to this update.
  8. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev News: Twitter Integration

  9. Freshwater. I have a turtle so I went out and bought a 55 gallon rubber maid which I am going to use instead of paying an extra $250.

  10. Freshwater or saltwater?

  11. Mobile skin eta?

    Yea, Tinmans iphone template is amazing. He provides great support too. Highly recommended.
  12. Movable Skin List

    Agreed! The should have been implemented a long time ago. What a pain to have to reinstall them just to move the order around. Especially when everything else in the admin panel is drag and drop.
  13. CJOIN-0 error :: Please Read

    No more cjoin errors for me. :)
  14. IP.Chat help!

    I had a zero issues installing and it is working beautifully.