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    Some Quests before I'll buy
    Before I'll buy the Suite, including Nexus, Gallery, Download and of course: The Board, I hve some Questions:

    1. The first thing i want to know is, if i find an addon/plugin/or mod that makes me the option to use the calender for recurrieng events where my users could apply for events and the creator of the events could set a status for them. This is needed for an World of Warcraft Raid Planing System. Does someone know a Mod for this?

    2. I'll must have a way to get a statistic from the calender applies and the stats that the user have, like "13 times signed up, 10 times applied, 2 times on waiting list and1 time on not set" or something like this.

    3. Optinal: It would be really nice if we could make synchronises with the WoW Armory. Or give the Users the Ability to set their Ingame-Characters in the Board.

    Hopefully somebody could help me with these things. I'm willing to pay for these mod's but it would be nice if somebody has done this before :)
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