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  1. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

    it's about time, Congratulations
  2. Is 4.0.4 reasonably stable?

    i would wait for 4.0.5 which suppose to be released tommrrow. there are a l lot of bugs but most are minor.
  3. online users

    i tried that too, but after 1 hour it comes back to 20 minutes, so i think there is a limit from IPS or something.
  4. Timezone option

    yes, i think so.
  5. Timezone option

    there is, because in some languages there are some problems with the translation if it numbers like 18/04/15 or 18 Feb 2015 -  it makes a diffrent, i don't understand why not give us a chance to change it, i mean- we could do this from 1.0 to 3.4, why all of a sudden change that?
  6. Timezone option

    can you add an option to control the time zone in the site? like in 3.4 (today, yesterday, etc..)
  7. control timezone..

    hello, why isn't there a way to control time zone like in 3.4? when you could set a timezone and how it will be shown in the forum- like- today/yesterday, one hour ago, or just the date.is it possible to add this function? thanks.
  8. Post count

    ​in that matter- is it possible to show the user topics and posts separately like in 3.4, or that option is gone now? because if you have a count of topics in your statistics, than the system knows how to do that.. thanks.
  9. Admin Logs ipb 4.0

    thank you! you can close this topic.
  10. Admin Logs ipb 4.0

    hello, i would like to know why isn't there any logs in the acp, in 3.4 you could see Admin Logs, Moderator Logs and etc.. why did you cancel it? will you bring it back?thanks.
  11. RC4

    what's new in this version beside fixed bugs?
  12. RC4 today?

    ​let hope so !
  13. language edit in 4.0

    hello, when i added a new language and i wanted to translate it, i saw that it isn't organized at all (like 3.4)will you organize it to sections like forums, admin cp etc..? thanks.
  14. Recent Status Updates

    i think so too, you can enable it but it is by the user itself + it doesn't show up like in 3.4
  15. Looks like RC1 is out :)

    ​are you going to make an entry on the blog regarding the RC1?