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  1. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Upgraded yesterday -, the skin is still pretty standard with a few small tweaks. More to come.
  2. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: VigLink

    We used it for 6 months or so, got pretty good returns. Using skimlinks now though.
  3. Did this ever get added back in? I miss it too.
  4. IP.Board 3.2.0: Front-end Changes Afoot

    Looks great :)
  5. Suggestion: 3.2.0 Profiles

    Agreed. Less JS cleverness in all of 3.2 would be nice, especially the profile page!
  6. I'd love to see a sidebar hook (the forum hook is a bit too 'in your face' for my liking) that is similar to the ajax scrolly picture thing you see when viewing a picture in an album. So you could only see 4 pictures at a time, but you can scroll through them. On top of that, hovering over a thumb should bring up the medium sized ajax preview. On top of that, each thumb should have the 'new' and 'number of comments' divs applied on top. And below that, a "quick upload" link, which brings up a 'select album and picture' lightbox thing. It would basically be a micro version of the gallery. That would be awesome, right?!
  7. Installing gallery twice on same forum?

    The simple problem I have: In the board header, in addition to the link to the gallery, I want a link to 'Videos' (which points to the videos category in the gallery). This is fine, I can do this by editing the skin. The problem is that I want this tab to remain active while the user is browsing within the 'Video' category of the gallery, giving the impression that the users are in a dedicated 'video' section of the site. Currently the active tab flicks back to gallery (as you'd expect). To get around this, I wanted to know if I could install the gallery twice, which I can't, thats not a problem. The other, side issue, is that users are not forced to upload videos into the dedicated video section (they can upload them into their own personal album), so its not currently possible to see 'Latest uploaded videos' from anywhere within the system, so in this case, Matt, it would be nice to have a 'video only' album :)
  8. Installing gallery twice on same forum?

    That doesn't solve the problem that I outlined in my previous post.. otherwise I would.
  9. Installing gallery twice on same forum?

    It can be done - a bit. But to keep the tab active when viewing a video requires being able to detect an 'image' in the gallery as being a video, or as belonging to the video category - which isn't so simple (unless you know?!)
  10. Installing gallery twice on same forum?

    I have, but most of all I want one tab for 'Photo' and one tab for 'Video'. The other problem with using categories is that members can choose to upload videos into their own albums, and at this point there is nothing in place where you can view all videos uploaded into the gallery - regardless of category :( [quote name='tera
  11. Is it possible to install the gallery twice on my forum? I'd like one install to be photo only, and one install to be video only. Either this or some 'video only' pages on the gallery would be nice :)
  12. Gallery 4 Beta Feedback

    All great news, cheers Matt (Y) Another edit: one last suggestion: the ability to tell an album to display in 'details/overview' mode by default. I'd like to set my videos album to details, and leave the photo albums as overview :)
  13. Well, in short, assuming this server is not a single core (fairly safe bet, i'd say), you're wrong. Take 5 minutes to read up on load averages ;) EDIT: however, I do agree, its not as fast as it could be. For want of a better word, its not 'snappy'.. its not slow either, but it really should load pretty much instantly every time. I wonder what yslow says.
  14. Gallery 4 Beta Feedback

    Good things:Handles videos well. I've just imported 1900 of them from ip.content (previously imported to ip.content from ttVideo mod) to gallery. Looks much better! The hook that displays albums in posts is awesome. Just discovered it by pasting a link to an album/image into a new post :) Suggestions:It would be great if that magic hook that displays images in posts could also display videos in posts. FURL for videos would be better if 'image' was replaced with 'video' http://xxxxxxxx/gallery/video/25144-title/ Use the original full size image thumbnail as the 'start image' on flow player. At the moment its just a black screen- i assume this is possible. Ability to mark an album as media/videos only. Change locale text so it says 'X videos' instead of 'X images'. Bypass max post size for uploads in this forum. There was talk of this previously, but if there was some built in method of being able to pass the uploaded videos to mencoder/ffmeg so I can convert to .flv would be fantastic - what are the plans for this? Ability to use random cover image instead of an assigned one. My members seem to love random videos, so if the cover image was randomised it would keep them happy. Upload images hook. I reckon the gallery would get a lot more use if there was a small 'upload images' button on the forum index. Question: If I rebuild the thumbnails for my videos, will it add the arrow icon to the center of the thumbnails? All in all, very impressed :)
  15. IP.Gallery 4.0 General Feedback

    When you click browse from the index page, you get a list of albums. I think these thumbnails should have the 'album' style background image, like you see for the albums on on the index page. Looks good