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  1. A better way to update our suite

    Technically INcompetent customers = IPS Customer Technically competent customers = IPS Customer The sofwtare is used by both types of users / administrators. If this is not the case anymore, then let's stop this wave of redesign and refactoring that IP's is performing to make their software more user-friendly (like we see in ths last blog entrys). Don't get me wrong, I like IP's software, hell I'm using Matt's work since Ikonboard; but I believe that myself as a customer can make a sugestion, can I ? Thank you !
  2. A better way to update our suite

    You see, SSH or CP options (like using Cpanel or Plesk) will do the job and are all valid, but the point here is the user. There should be a easy, user-friendly way to do this. I believe IP's is mature enought to understand what I'm talking about here. In the next upgrade I will take a look at the auto-upgrade feature, let's see how this option works.
  3. Hy IPS, There should be an easy way to update the board instalation, today there are around 5000 files in the IPBoard package (without including any addon) and every new update consumes too many time. Some years ago, we only have to update the changed files, but now we don't have this package anymore. The simple the better, like: I upload the ipboard compressed package to my server and the upgrade process unpack it and perform the installation, something in this line. Regards
  4. IP.Board 3.2.0 - Visual Skin Editor

    That's what I'm talking about ! It can't get any easyer them this. Great tool IPS !
  5. Skining system, what a nightmare...

    Some examples: - In the main blog page (the index page of the blogs system), the tabe where it says "← List All Blogs" how can this be skined ?? - the "entry_xxx" class crasy, where is the entry_header background located ? Could you give some examples ? Thank's !
  6. Today I installed the IP.Blog system and start working on it, everything was fine until I started skining it... what a nightmare... How something so simple (if compared to ip.board) can be so hard and confuse to skin ? The css structure on IP.Blog apears to have been created in the 45 minutes of the 2nd half, you know ? It's messy, confusing and hard to understand ! There's no need to be some kind of rocket science, I just want to skin this litle application, you know ? If only the skin generator was on-line, it could be of great help...
  7. Great, thank's for the info !
  8. Hello, Regarding the Blogs App, is there an option to select witch groups can and cannot create their own blogs ? Thank's.
  9. IP.Board 3.2.0: Admin Forum Management

    Very nice !
  10. I would like to thank Jason, from IPS Support, for all the help and fast response to the tickets I opened today. Thank's to him, I was able to finish my forum upgrade from 2.1.6 to 3.1.4 and resolve many problems that ocurred during the process. Thank you Jason and keep the keep work at IPS !
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