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  1. An issue has been identified in IPS Community Suite where, when using an alternative login system such as an external database or IPS Connect, multiple accounts may be created when a user logs in for the first time. This issue has been fixed for version 4.1.0. In the meantime, to resolve this issue, follow the following steps: Log into your Admin CP and go to to the Customisation tab For your default theme, click the  button Navigate to the core -> front -> global -> loginPopup template. You can type "loginPopup" into the search box to get there quickly. Find and remove this piece of code, making sure to keep the rest of the line intact: data-controller='core.front.core.loginMenu'   Save the template. If you have multiple themes, repeat steps 2-5 for each theme you have installed.   If you already have cases where there are multiple accounts for a single user, you can simply delete the extraneous accounts in the Admin CP under the "Members" tab.
  2. Yeah, we're not settled on the current behaviour. It's more complicated than just changing back to the old way which also had issues. For example, if you search this site for "vbulletin conversion", it's appropriate for a topic called "convert from vbulletin" to show, even though the word "conversion" doesn't specifically appear. As I say though, we're still working on it  
  3. IPS Community Suite has two special pages which exist entirely outside of the normal theme and language systems:error.html which is displayed if there is an error so severe it is not possible to display a normal error screen (for example, if your database server is offline, it is not possible to obtain the theme and language details).upgrading.html which is displayed while an upgrade is in process.You create different html pages to be used in these scenarios and instruct IPS Community Suite to use your pages instead. This will ensure that even if the contents of the files are changed in an upgrade, your customisations are maintained. To do this:Create the html pages as desired, and save them in the root directory of your community's installation.If you do not already have a constants.php in the root directory of your community's installation, create one with the following contents:<?php Open constants.php and add the following lines, replacing the names of the html files with the names of the files you have created: define( 'ERROR_PAGE', 'custom_error.html' ); define( 'UPGRADING_PAGE', 'custom_upgrading.html' ); 
  4. An issue has been identified where generating an invoice from within the Admin CP may result in an error. This issue is only present when going to the customer page and clicking "Add Invoice" from there - it is not present when going to the main invoice list and clicking "Create Invoice" and then choosing the customer on the first step.This issue will be fixed in the next release of IPS Community Suite. In the meantime, to fix this issue, upload the attached file to the folder specified, overwriting the file that is already there:applications/nexus/modules/admin/payments/invoices.php Alternatively, since the issue is not present when clicking "Create Invoice" from the main invoice list, you can create an invoice in that way if you are not comfortable with applying the patch. invoices.php
  5. In IP.Nexus for IP.Board 3, there were two PayPal gateways: "PayPal (Website Payments Standard)" (where the user gets redirected to, which does not require an SSL certificate) and "PayPal (Website Payments Pro)" (where the user enters card information directly on your site, which does require an SSL certificate).In IPS Community Suite 4, both options are still available, though both are now under a single "PayPal" gateway (and within that, it asks you which method you want) and how recurring payments works has changed if you choose the option for users to be taken to, recurring subscriptions can no longer be created (though ones created before upgrading are still recognised, a feature that was added since this topic was started). This is because when we wrote IPS4, PayPal's API didn't include support for it. It does now, and we intend to add support in a future version. If you choose the option for users to enter their card details directly on your site - the process is similar as it was in 3, though uses PayPal's new "Vault" API - the card details are stored on PayPal's servers, not yours, as is explained on the configuration screen.2CheckOut also no longer supports recurring subscriptions.
  6. That means "fixed in [version]". We don't really need to know the version it occurred in.
  7. Not at all. As I said right at the start of this topic we support BBCode. In the bug report linked to, a simple mistake was made, and, since you pointed it out, I corrected that. You could have just replied to the bug report saying something like "Hey, I think you may have misunderstood" and it would have been reopened too.As I said before, if you are experiencing any other issues, please do let us know about them and we will endeavour to resolve them.
  8. IPS4 supports BBCode and we have no intention to remove that in the foreseeable future. If you see any issues, please open a bug report or file a support request. It looks like that bug report was closed in error, and I've re-opened it - thanks for letting us know about that  
  9. Edit title in topic list

    This will be in 4.0.9. 
  10. Annoying - New version news in ACP

    Even if we made it dismissible you'd have to upgrade to get that  But yes, it shouldn't show future versions. They should be gone now.
  11. Is it possible to run IPS in an intranet?

    You need to have an external connection for the license check and some features. However, you can still have an installation that does not accept inbound connections, behind a VPN or limited to an internal network for example. Actually, we have this set up ourselves, as do several clients  
  12. 3.4 Features missing in 4.0

    We add stuff here once we know we're doing it:  
  13. IP. Nexus 5.0?

    It's quite a seamless process though - on the form where you provide your billing details, it will just also ask for your email and a password.
  14. I'll see if we can get it added