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  1. The final date of implementation of the IP 4.0

    There's a new version in the works?
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  9. Shipping tracking

  10. ... starting a forum ... :hyper:
  11. We have been using a third party member management software and woulfd like to get it converted to IP.Nexus. Anyone out there think they could help with that?
  12. Notifications are worthless....

    Hey Doc, it hurts when I do this OK, stop doing that
  13. Suggestion: Allow users to remove themselfs.

    I tell them no. If they don't wanna use the board they can put on their big girl panties and just NOT USE THE BOARD. I will go in and change their e-mail to so no one will be able to contact them thru the board. And I will delete any other personal info in their profile. If they stay away for 12 months they will fall into the inactive users group.
  14. Questions about IP.Downloads

    So IP.Content can do it? Or a combination of IP.C and IP.D?