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  1. Wish Item/Suggestion: Registration / Login Block

    I'm looking at creating a custom Page (using the suite's Pages module) and applying a custom theme with a register block. So the registration form would have a different look than the theme assigned to the forums. Not just a redirect to the existing sign-in and registration forms (which uses the default theme). Or possibly a small side-bar block with the username/password fields for logging in as I could assign that to a Page. I'm trying to give the user the ability to login from the Page or database article/record they are viewing at the time without changing theme/look of that Page/database, which would happen if they are redirected to the default login/register page.
  2. I would like to include a registration/login block on a custom page with a custom theme, rather than using the default forum register page and theme (e.g. ). I looked in the marketplace but I did not see any registration / login blocks that can be included in a page. Is this possible?
  3. The error message is misleading when attempting to view a database entry when viewing permissions are disabled for guest user group (I did not try with a user group that is logged in without viewing permissions). It also generates an error code depsite the fact that the item exists when the user should be notified with an access denied message. This results in an email being sent and an error being stored in the logs.The title of the page displays:The error message should say “access denied” or similar rather than saying the content does not exist as this is misleading and does not prompt the user to log-in or register.