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  1. Admin Posts "Reported"

    I wish to edit that text in my forum. Can anyone tell me where do I edit that text?
  2. I've paid what happens now?

    Are orders processed during the weekend? A friend of mine ordered yesterday evening but the order was flagged for manual verification probably since he ordered when connected to his work VPN. So I was wondering if he can get the license during the weekend or have to wait for Monday?
  3. Yes, that is the modification that I was referring to in my first post but unfortunately the developer is not going to support it further. See: It works with the current version of IP.Board but worried about future version compatibility.
  4. That is a global setting. The feature request or the modification above is for adding an option for the member to manage the forums to be blocked in View New Content through their User Control Panel.
  5. This is a new feature request. There is a modification available for this however unfortunately the developer said that he is not going to support it anymore: Can this feature be added inbuilt with the next version of IP.Board as many larger forums will find this feature very useful?
  6. BBCode in Comments

    Would it be possible to make a similar modification to show emoticon images in Recent Status Updates bar?
  7. Reputation System Suggestion

    Please allow members to modify (remove) the vote later. For example if a member accidentally use the wrong button or if the member gets an explanation later and realizes it shouldn't be given a negative point, the member should be able to remove the vote given. Please consider this feature request for IP.Board 3.2
  8. User specific forums for View New Content

    Perfect! However the last post in this topic doesn't look encouraging. I hope it is compatible with IP.Board 3.0.5. I have sent a message to the developer to confirm it. Please have this feature inbuilt in IP.Board in future releases as it is very useful in forums which have many sub-forums.
  9. Please have an option for the member to select which forums have to be included/excluded in the topics list when they use the "View New Content" feature.
  10. Would it be possible to add a feature where a member can set their favorite font as the default when the post replies/topics? The member should be able to set the default font in their profile settings.
  11. "Today's active content" issue - 3.0.2

    It is an already reported bug and it was fixed for the upcoming release of v3.0.3:
  12. No more links in new window?

    Thanks, I tried that and Rebuilt content however its still opening in the same page for internal links.
  13. No more links in new window?

    I believe this is the code snippet in that file: /* ------------------------------ */ /** * Open the link in a new window * * @param {event} e The event * @param {boolean} force Force new window regardless of host? */ openNewWindow: function(e, link, force) { var ourHost =; var newHost =; /** * Open a new window, if link is to a different host */ if( ourHost != newHost || force ) {; Event.stop(e); return false; } else { return true; } }, Could you please let me know how it should look like to make that setting?
  14. No more links in new window?

    Thanks, I was able to make "external" links in posts/signatures open in a new window by enabling the "Open posted links in a new window?" option in ACP and rebuilt content. However the previous version of IPB (2.3.x) used to open "internal" links posted in posts/signatures also to open in a new window as well. Is there any way to enable that in IPB 3?
  15. In IPB 2.3.6 we had an option to list active topics for "today", "past week", "past month" and so on. This feature seems to have been removed in 3.0.1 and our members are vouching for that feature. I don't know why that feature has been removed. The only option in IPB 3 is to list the active topics in the past 24 hours. The filter option to get the active topics beyond that is not available in the results page. I have attached a screenshot of that option from 2.3.6. I hope this feature will be added in the future release.