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  1. Really unhappy with "Find my content"

    There's a dropdown in the upper right after you click "Find my content" that you can change from "View all topics X has posted in or started" to "View all posts by X"
  2. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    I actually have 2 sites I am setting up with IP Content. The initial learning curve is quite steep, but once you get started using it, IP.Content is not nearly as bad as it first seems. You can do quite a lot with it. There are some shortcomings and issues and I am sure future versions will get even better, but overall I must say I really like it.War of Legends HQ this is a site I have pulled together in under 24 hours. Still lots of work to do to complete it but you can see a good bit of what IP.Content can do.RHQ News This is the first site I did and I had a lot of help with it. I was a total IP.Content noob on this site and am very grateful for the help I received to learn how to use the app. It still needs a lot of work also but it is coming along nicely I think.
  3. Editor skinning issue (+ suggestion)

    I agree with this 100%, I am having similar issues with formatting and CSS. Especially when using the WYSIWYG editor. I have a dark Site template and use the light forum skin I get white text input/dropdown boxes with white/ light greyish text in the boxes that is almost unreadable on editing things. You are almost better off stripping out the preformatted code with CSS that is embedded in the forums and use your own code and CSS.
  4. (TB) Group Format