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  1. Very impressed with IPS Community Suite 4.0. Great job to everyone involved. :)

  2. Problem with upgrade support tickets?

    Millipede, I'm sorry for your frustration, could you PM me the ticket ID please and I can look into what's happened here?
  3. New Bug Tracker, powered by IP.Content

    Wolfie - where as you could recreate a bug tracker in IP.Content (as we have done), it was done to suit us better. If you want a bug tracker on your forums, Tracker is still being developed.
  4. Bugs in the Translations-feature

    I think you're reading way too much into a number which just gives a bit of credit to the contributors. You make a change to a language string, you get a 'commit' added to your account. People that have more have worked on more than one language pack. As for why yours isn't showing 7000 I don't know, but I don't think its the best use of anyones time to see why you don't have 7000 showing under your account? The language pack is complete, and you have credit on 99.9999999% of that pack, that's all that matters surely? :)
  5. Bugs in the Translations-feature

    With all due respect, I have been working on other things as well, and the bug you are reporting is hardly show stopping, it doesn't stop you being able to translate or download packs, it just marks a few strings as updated due to the symbols - on the grand scale of things I'd say that was a pretty low priority bug. I'll look at these, but these are all relatively minor problems.
  6. You visited but forgot to leave me a message :(

  7. Bugs in the Translations-feature

    Not too sure what you mean here, special characters seem to be displaying fine for me.
  8. Bugs in the Translations-feature

    Just to keep you updated on this, we are working on these issues you have pointed out and will let you know when the system is updated here. :)
  9. Bugs in the Translations-feature

    The issues that are being pointed to are issues within IP.Board itself though (such as not being able to upload a language pack), I'm not sure what news to give really.. :unsure:
  10. Bugs in the Translations-feature

    This was fixed, the reason it happened was because the main progress bar looked at *all* language strings, and there were 800 strings that hadn't been translated into Hebrew - turns out this was due to IP.Tracker, sorted that and you now show at 100%.
  11. Bugs in the Translations-feature

    92% is correct then, 92% is an average with System having the biggest effect on that percentage because it has the most strings. Seems the Gallery import went a bit iffy if it's saying they're out of date. I'll see why Gallery is playing up. As for the 98% completion issue - there are several untranslated strings, we'll get that area sorted ASAP though.
  12. Bugs in the Translations-feature

    My post is directed to Jean's bug report which is a high priority due to the export function not working. Your concerns will be looked at shortly.
  13. Bugs in the Translations-feature

    Okay Jean, can you try one more time, it was exporting it as an incorrect charset on our install here.. hence the x's, this should be sorted now though! :)
  14. Bugs in the Translations-feature

    I'm a bit confused by your posts here.. did you redownload after my post because it should have fixed the x symbols on the left. As for telling it to miss some language strings - it can't really work out if someone needs translating or not. I can certainly put in a check to see if it's just %s, but, are there any language strings that are just %s in the first place? That seems a bit strange.. I'll look at these after Christmas.