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  1. Rikki added a post in a topic Auto-generated thumbnails in gallery?   

    It's difficult to do much with video uploads without some specialized infrastructure unfortunately (unless you upload them to YouTube and then display them). It's something we've mulled over before, but isn't a high priority at the moment.
  2. Rikki added a post in a topic Can VNC please save the filtered forum list   

    We have lots of improvements for content discovery in the works right now  
  3. Rikki added a post in a topic No undelete function in ACP?   

    It wasn't - soft delete was renamed 'hide', and you can unhide content from the ModCP still. Same function, different name.
  4. Rikki added a post in a topic No undelete function in ACP?   

    As I posted in your other topic, I'll quote myself here:
  5. Rikki added a post in a topic Missing features in 4.0 are a HUGE problem for my business   

    I'm not sure... might be your browser? When I load your site it's appearing fine.
  6. Rikki added a post in a topic Wee UI/X Quibble With New Content Icon   

    We'll be resolving this inconsistency soon as we're improving our content discovery features  
  7. Rikki added a post in a topic Add ability to use FA Icons as forum icon   

    It's difficult to provide that kind of thing because while our default theme uses FA, custom themes don't have to use it - they could replace it with IcoMoon, images, text, whatever else... That's not to say it's impossible to solve, but it's also not straightforward.
    There is a little trick you can do to do it manually though, if that'd work for you. What you need to do is add a block of CSS like this to your custom.css file for your theme:
    .cForumRow [data-forumID="<your forum id>"] .ipsItemStatus > .fa:before { content: '\<fa icon code>'; }You need to do this for each forum you want to customize. Replace <your forum id> with the forum ID in question, and <fa icon code> with the unicode character code from http://fontawesome.io/icons/ (not the name - click the icon you want and look for the \f1234 code, that's what you want).
  8. Rikki added a post in a topic Mixed Forum Layout   

    No sorry, I was responding to Neal who wants users to be able to choose standard or grid view. It isn't possible to mix and match the two views in one theme right now.
  9. Rikki added a post in a topic Mixed Forum Layout   

    What you can do is create a new theme based on your default theme, but then change it to the grid view  So you have two themes, one for each of the forum views.
  10. Rikki added a post in a topic Need more communication (company with clients) in Product Feedback forum   

    The problem is, feature requests often turn into debates - and we aren't interested in debating each and every feature request we get; we wouldn't get anything else done  I guess you can say we prefer to sit back and let you guys debate to figure out exactly the consensus is rather than getting involved ourselves.
    Between us we do read every single request, and worthwhile things do make it into our internal tracker  We don't like to promise things on a whim because plans sometimes change, and it's also not often we can jump on something immediately - something may not be included for quite some time, even if we agree, because there's a list in front of it.
    So, keep posting requests! And keep replying to other peoples' requests if you have other ideas or feedback. You won't always get a 'yes' or 'no' from staff but those topics do influence our direction.
  11. Rikki added a post in a topic Insert existing attachment > Waste of space   

    We can certainly look into improving that popup. And thank you for brightening my day with those annotated screenshots
  12. Rikki added a post in a topic Missing features in 4.0 are a HUGE problem for my business   

    I've put together a really quick print stylesheet you can use to approximate what IPB 3 did. Simply add this CSS to your custom.css file for your theme (or, if you prefer, create a new css file called print.css). Paste this in:
    @media print { body { width: 100%; font-family: "Georgia", "Times New Roman", serif; background-color: #fff !important; } #ipsLayout_header > header { background-color: #fff !important; margin-bottom: 0 !important; padding: 10px 0 0 0 !important; } #elSiteTitle { color: #000 !important; font-size: 1.8em; } #elHeaderNavigation { background: #fff !important; padding: 0 0 15px 0 !important; border-bottom: 1px solid #ebebeb; } #elFooterNavigation { background: #fff !important; padding: 15px 0 0 0 !important; border-top: 1px solid #ebebeb; } .ipsLayout_container { max-width: 100% !important; } #ipsLayout_contentArea, .ipsBox { border: 0 !important; } #ipsLayout_mainArea { padding-left: 0 !important; padding-right: 0 !important; } #ipsLayout_sidebar, #elSearchNavContainer, #elMobileNav, #elHeaderSubLinks, #elUserNav, #elWidgetControls, .ipsToolList, .ipsButtonBar, .ipsDataItem_lastPoster, .ipsComment_controls, .ipsFollow, .ipsPageHeader .ipsUserPhoto, .ipsLikeRep, .cTopicPostArea, [data-controller="core.front.core.sharelink"] { display: none !important; } .ipsType_richText { font-size: 1.2em; } .ipsType_sectionTitle { background: #333 !important; color: #fff !important; border-radius: 0 !important; } .ipsType_pageTitle { font-size: 2em; color: #000; } .ipsPageHeader { margin: 30px 0 !important; } .ipsPhotoPanel > div { margin: 0 !important; } .ipsComment { border-bottom: 4px solid #333 !important; margin-bottom: 0 !important; } .ipsComment.ipsColumns, .ipsComment.ipsColumns > .ipsColumn { display: block !important; width: 100% !important; } .ipsComment_author { text-align: left !important; } .ipsComment_author .cAuthorPane_photo, .ipsComment_author .cAuthorPane_photo ~ li { display: none !important; } } 
  13. Rikki added a post in a topic New website, community link, mobile...   

    I've fixed that. Now go get some sleep  
  14. Rikki added a post in a topic Mark forum as read - should be at the top of the page on mobile, not bottom   

    Think about what you spend most of the time doing in forum view, however - it'll be clicking topics or changing pages. You're only going to start a new topic or mark the forum as read occasionally. It doesn't make sense to put them at the top of the page, taking up ~1/4 of the vertical height.
    The same argument could be made of the index too, although in this case I think it's useful to invite users to contribute as soon as they hit the homepage.
  15. Rikki added a post in a topic Your new release notes section is nice   

    I added a javascript controller to the page (Pages > Templates > Add JS file, and then choose it under the Page Includes tab when editing the page) that handles loading a record URL with ajax. The contents of it is below. There's a little trick here - calling a record URL via ajax will normally only return the reviews/comments section, but by passing rating_submitted I can bypass that and get the whole page. That's a quirk I've noted internally and we can hopefully improve that in future so this undocumented trick isn't needed.
    /** * IPS Social Suite 4 * (c) 2013 Invision Power Services - http://www.invisionpower.com * * ips.releaseNotes.main.js - Release notes controller * * Author: Rikki Tissier */ ;( function($, _, undefined){ "use strict"; ips.controller.register('pages.front.releaseNotes.main', { _ajaxObj: null, initialize: function () { this.on( 'click', '[data-releaseID]', this.showRelease ); this.setup(); }, setup: function () { // Find the current release if available var showFirst = this.scope.find('[data-role="releases"] [data-currentRelease]'); if( !showFirst.length ) { showFirst = this.scope.find('[data-role="releases"] [data-releaseID]').first(); } if( showFirst.length ){ showFirst.click(); } }, showRelease: function (e) { e.preventDefault(); var self = this; var link = $( e.currentTarget ).attr('href'); var infoPanel = this.scope.find('[data-role="releaseInfo"]'); // Cancel any current requests if( this._ajaxObj && _.isFunction( this._ajaxObj.abort ) ){ this._ajaxObj.abort(); } // Set panel to loading infoPanel .css({ height: infoPanel.height() + 'px' }) .html( $('<div/>').addClass('ipsLoading').css({ height: '100px' }) ); // Unhighlight all others, then highlight this one this.scope.find('[data-releaseID]').removeClass('cRelease_active'); $( e.currentTarget ).addClass('cRelease_active'); this._ajaxObj = ips.getAjax()( link, { data: { rating_submitted: 1 } }) .done( function (response) { var responseContent = $("<div>" + response + "</div>"); var content = responseContent.find('#elCmsPageWrap'); infoPanel.html( content ).css({ height: 'auto' }); $( document ).trigger( 'contentChange', [ infoPanel ] ); }); } }); }(jQuery, _));