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  1. Yes, running a query against 'unread items' for example is generally too intensive to query every few seconds like we do on All Activity (which is just grabbing by an index on date). The flexibility of the streams means people can come up with some really fine-tuned settings, and given we have to support lower-spec servers too, we can't put those on a 5 second timeout.
  2. The underlying reason is it's very efficient to check for new items in the All Activity feed. It's expensive (sometimes very expensive) to check for new items on other feeds that have complex filters set up, so we decided to only enable auto-updating on the main All Activity feed. 
  3. The widget isn't new in 4.1, but being able to post a new status from it is  
  4. Much less, the changes in 4.1 are localized to particular areas of the software. 4.0 was an entirely new product.
  5. 3.5.x series

    To everyone, please don't be dismissive of feedback from other people, it's not helpful. @EvilDragon The editor is really central to everything in IPS4 - it wouldn't be easy to pull it out and replace it unfortunately. What you could do is stop CKEditor loading so it just shows a textbox, but the user experience for this isn't great - users would have to type in HTML by hand, and things like quoting posts wouldn't work right. That's what happens if you use our software with JS disabled, if you want to try it out. It may be an option for you perhaps. It's kind of a 'bare minimum' functionality, but it's there. While you naturally have a valid case where the editor isn't right for you, for the vast majority of our clients and their users, CKEditor loading isn't a problem. We've tested it on old phones and so forth, and it works fine. Supporting devices like Raspberry Pi simply isn't one of our goals, unfortunately.
  6. You can't do it per-stream - from the backend, widgets work per-page, so it'd be on all stream pages. You could probably add some logic in the widget template to hide it if it wasn't on the actual Statuses stream though. Editing the template would affect all instances of the status widget, but again, with some logic in the template you could split it out and do something different specifically for that one.
  7. It'd be relatively easy to mimic it if you wanted to. You could add the 'recent status updates' widget to the header of the streams page, and edit the template of that widget so it doesn't show the status updates. That would just leave you with the form for posting a new status. 
  8. Disable browser notifications?

  9. Disable browser notifications?

    If your browser supports them (not all do, but Chrome, Firefox & Safari do; mobile support is patchy), it'll prompt you the first time you log in. If you missed it or accidentally said no, click the same icon I showed Marcher to change your choice  
  10. Notification Settings Suggestion

    Yes, you can do that in 4.1. Click the notification icon, then Notification Settings, which will take you to https://community.invisionpower.com/notifications/options/. You'll see the toggle there to only get one email per item.
  11. Disable browser notifications?

    You can disable browser notifications per-site - usually you click the icon in the address bar to set your preference. This is Chrome:  
  12. Stream improvements

    Liking your own post is a group permission - I think it's turned off by default.
  13. I've actually already changed that one  
  14. Mentions

    That wouldn't be that easy to do because it's actually part of the post. I just tried playing with the :first-letter psuedo-selector to hide it, but it treats punctuation differently and so will apply to both the @ and the first letter of the name. You could probably do a javascript controller to remove it if you wanted to go to that length.