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  1. Custom profile fields have lost their key?

    ​Seconded. I'd guess that new installs likely wouldn't have the problem since they'd have never experienced the key/vaue system before, but for upgrades...... eh. I've managed a workaround with our national flag system, but a key=value pair is invaluable for many implementations of things. Even if it was undocumented, bringing back the = would be fantastic. 
  2. 3rd Party App Developers

    Sorry I'm late replying.   Pip Popup is likely going to be upgraded, even though pips themselves have been all but removed in IPS4. In general, my intention is to upgrade all my hooks as the platform allows, as soon as possible after final release. I've already got some code ported over, but I'd like to get things tested on the final version of the suite before handing anything out.
  3. Having now "fully" switched back from OSX that I started using in 2008, I've got a custom built Windows 8.1 desktop (21.5" screen - unfortunately the largest I could get onto my desk) and a Surface Pro 3 as my main devices. Also got a 2012 Retina MB Pro (with dodgy trackpad and charger) for any work that still requires a Mac...   I can give my two cents. ​I've been using one for a couple of months (only bought my own last week, but that's another story) and it is a slight learning curve, what with the keyboard case, but it really is a fantastic device. I wouldn't want to do any proper serious long writing sessions on it (although I have written a 3000 essay on one), but it's more than suitable for the day-to-day stuff. The good thing is as well, you could just use a Bluetooth "normal" keyboard if you needed to as well. And FWIW, I have noticed that *most* of the PC World/Currys stores around here have one or two units on display, each with the type cover.
  4. I think its because attachments are missing right now. l will try to find it again, but no promises!
  5. :P

    1. Lewis P

      Lewis P

      Hello! Enjoying my upgrader bug finding right about now..... :p

    2. AndyF
  6. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

    Stupid question (as usual with me, really), but is the memory limit required to be 128MB, or is that again just the advised limit, with anything lower causing issues entirely our fault?     I only ask because one of the sites I help out with has a host that won't raise this above 64MB for some reason (annoying, but things work fine unless installing a mega language pack), and wondering if I should be on the lookout for some other hosting for them?
  7. 4.0 - Introducing Themes

    Can we still do manual template merge reports between versions?
  8. 4.0 - Introducing the new AdminCP

    Oooh, responsive admin panel! In fact, all of this looks really impressive. Especially liking the "flat" look.       Oh, but it needs some pink.
  9. Suggestion: Using CSS Sprites for Icons

    Woo! Anything that shortens my development time. :p
  10. Suggestion: Using CSS Sprites for Icons

    I can already see it now: "Where are my image buttons? You're taking away my creativity!" :p
  11. 4.0 - Javascript framework

    I've got a problem - I've got to come up with clever ways to use all this. :p
  12. IPS Connect Feedback

    If it is an issue though, they'll fix it. I mean, they use IPS Connect on these very forums to connect to the client area. Don't mean to state the obvious - but that clearly works. Anyway, I'm out. I just think calling the support useless isn't the best way to go about this.
  13. IPS Connect Feedback

    You just said it - an offline board and an online board. The offline board is for development, and IPS don't support development boards.
  14. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 3: Customisation and BBCode

    From a non-official standpoint, I don't see why this wouldn't be possible under the new system.... Store it like normal, then on display, parse out the tag with the members' name.
  15. IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 3: Customisation and BBCode

    Love it!   Question about the skins (sorry!) - can you "include" a CKEditor skin in with your community skin or does it have to be a separate import?   I understand if you can't answer. :p