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  1. Public (Joinable) Custom Usergroups

    Yeah Ben did a better job of explaining it. Simply, it's a public group that people can join that applies additional permissions onto your primary usergroup. So you can do everything your primary usergroup permissions allow, plus all the things the public group also allows.
  2. Public (Joinable) Custom Usergroups

    It's not a built in feature. I'm simply asking if there is a way to do what Vbulletin does, IE, without an addon.
  3. Public (Joinable) Custom Usergroups

    So, If I setup a usergroup, the only way for a person to get into the usergroup is if an admin moves them there manually? Are there any work arounds, IE a membership usergroup that people can use a promo code to get into, or something?
  4. In Vbulletin, I've got Public (Joinable) Custom Usergroups setup for specific topics. Example, I've got forums for Topic X. On my forums you cannot read the forums for Topic X unless you've joined and been accepted to the public usergroup for Topic X. Is there a way to do this in IPB?
  5. Will IP.Content support My Media?

  6. Question in Title.
  7. Client Area Personal Information

    Question, Is it possible to make some of the personal information that is a part of the Nexus client area, IE First name, Last name a part of the manditory registration process?
  8. I attempted to use a coupon on my donation and it died.

    1. Charles


      Please post a bug in the IP.Nexus bug tracker category :)

  9. If you run serial articles with the same title but with sequential suffixes.
  10. I just saw this one today, it is using the latest IP.Content, and serves as a good example of what can be done.
  11. Who wants a LOCKERZ invite? I sure don't...

  12. New IPS site

    Thanks and done.
  13. Talk about fast!

    668994 - Submitted 2 Jul 2010 it's currently in escalated status since 5 Jul. It is a request to the custom services department so maybe it just takes a bit longer. I can be patient.
  14. Talk about fast!

    Funnay, I've got multiple tickets in with the sales team, in some cases no replies for more than 3+ days.