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  1. IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Global Changes is the largest third-party payment platform. I hope IP.Nexus can integrate it by default. or a tutorial on how to integrate it. If you need to provide an integrated document. I am willing to provide. I believe IP.Nexus is interesting and welcome.'ve Always believed. So, to consider the proposal IP.Nexus 1.3 bar.
  2. IP.Nexus 1.3.0: Global Changes

    All the payment gateway, Include PAYPAL CNY paid do not support, allowing users in China how to continue? PAYPAL originally to support CNY
  3. IP.Subscriptions 1.0.0 Beta 3 Available

    Can the BBS function provide subscriptions for members? There is existing a good relationship between members, they are likely to book some services or products for their friends for maintaining and increasing their relationship. In addition, i think that subscription as a motivation methond should be encouraged. I suggest that subscriptions also should provide a discount for members. For example, when the subscription has overed one year, members will get another discount which is better than original discount, that will improve the loyalty of members. If the registration page can add on subscription option, how about add another function which is AD or promoting function? Every member has own number. I think that every member will get a special link. If there is a person who is invited by a member through this special link, and become the member of BBS. The member who invites others will get a point. When this special link invites 5 person successfully, the owner (member) of this special link will obtain one year free use right. And this encouragement will can be used again and again. However, we can decide the number of the special link invited, it can be 4 or 3 and 2, but not 1, lol. We always get ways to make members feel that the BBS is fresh and interesting. We can image that after members registered successfully, they can’t wait for telling this BBS to their friends, neighbors, classmates or net friends. That is a positive prospect. That's all, i just give some plans of the whole project. I think that it is a great function, and i expect that it will come true.
  4. IP.Subscriptions 1.0.0 Beta 3 Available

    I am expected, but i need add payment gateway. Can it add payment method and make some modification toward these payment method?
  5. PodOmatic Audio

  6. Innovation