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  1. When will we get to see the 3.2 test board?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. ᴡᴅツ


      You can download IPB 3.2 here:

      The password to the archive is "charlesrules"

    3. Charles


      I do, yes. I'm so happy when people realize that!

    4. Olivier Turbis
  2. IP.Chat 1.1 Dev Update

    The chatroom on my site gets used ONCE a week, now on the day I may have 30-40 people in there which means I have to go for the 50 max user option, but on 6 other days it wouldn't even be used. It should be an average user limit not max user and this puts me off purchasing.
  3. New Feature Suggestions for IPB 3.0

    Access a forum through an alternative link but have it hidden on the main index please (no show forum ticked), could do it in 1.3.
  4. New Feature Suggestions for IPB 3.0

    Option to disable prune/mass move for mods and admin, or select who has access to it.