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  1. IP. Chat 4.0 - the proposed amendment

    A little off topic, but has anyone incorporated a video chat? I think my members might enjoy that but not sure how to incorporate or what issues it may have.
  2. How do you like Facebooks new Reactions?

    I love the guy's comment in the video: Who's got time to leave a comment. We are all so busy now a days. Like life is SO difficult for you that you only have time to respond to a post with a single click!
  3. Are your members like mine? Always confused? Constantly complaining that your site doesn't work they way they expect it to? One of the biggest challenges I have on my site is its user friendliness (or unfriendliness) when it comes to inserting images in posts. We have Gallery and I allow my members unlimited space. Yet, I am constantly explaining the difference between attachments and gallery images. I've created step-by-step tutorials, videos, and I even spend time on the phone with my members helping them to upload an image to their album and then insert it into a post. As a marketing guy, this tells me two things: (1) posting pictures is a big deal to members (thank you social media) and (2), the user interface is not intuitive. Like it or not, a big part of Facebook's appeal is how simple it is to upload and post pictures. It seems that's what most folks care about these days and the major reason membership participation is down from past years -- at least on my site anyway. Don't get me wrong; IPS 4 is a huge improvement in this area, but it's still confusing for the majority of my members. What is most clear to me, is that members expect uploading images to a post to work like Google+, Facebook, or for that matter, even email. They expect to be able to just drag and drop or use the attachment feature to insert images. The current method is just too confusing. I posted in another thread how my members are using attachments in the description field to upload the image they think they are inserting into an album They don't get it.   I would like to see profile pictures, cover photos, and attachments work like Facebook. Push these items to some sort of album. I realize not everyone purchases Gallery, but can't there be some sort of "mini album" feature for members without Gallery? In marketing we call this an up-sell opportunity. If the customer does have Gallery, you could have a "profiles" and "forum posts" album as default starter albums. Give the user the ability to move pictures to other (or newly created) albums. Thanks for listening.    
  4. I am really excited to hear about that. Again, my members are all about groups. We have at least 50 individual groups and organizations on my site. Currently I am using individual forums and albums for this. Anything that I can do to make this aspect of my site more appealing to members (existing and new) would be greatly appreciated. I am sure you hate to hear this, but I am constantly struggling with loosing members to Facebook. Many of my members have gone off and formed Facebook groups based on the specific forums on my site. In some cases they even used the same name. The majority of my members are older and they find Facebook easier to use overall. It's a constant struggle for me. As I am sure it is for many others here too. Thanks for listening.
  5. Many of the members on my site meet locally, regionally, and even internationally. My members are always looking to connect with others. It's a big part of the appeal of my site. My members would appreciate features that make it easier to connect with others.
  6. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Just upgraded to 4.1. Very happy! Surprisingly not that many complaints about Unread Content. http://clausnet.com/
  7. Image1.png

    From the album Michael's Pics

  8. Signature in "Edit Profile"

  9. What happened to Members List?

    How does the user know?
  10. Member Map

    Was hoping to see a 4.x version by now. My members keep asking for it. We used it extensively on my 3.4 site. I am willing to help pay for development if that will help!
  11. We do not approve every validation on our site. But we get a lot of registrations. I would like to be able to select multiple members for deletion or approval. It seems this was much easier on 3.4. Also, please give us more control over members in Validation status. I do not want members not yet approved to have the same permissions as "newbies". It would also be nice if I could bulk mail validating members.
  12. iArcade IP 4.0

    True. Our community is very tight. Many of us get together to meet in person. We have local, regional, and national get togethers. So the map is pretty helpful! :)
  13. iArcade IP 4.0

    My members liked it. But I agree it took up a lot of space. I've gotten a few requests to bring it back but not that many. I get way more requests for a members map ;)
  14. Feature Request - Better link formatting

    MMC uses WordPress for the front end newspages and XenForo for discussion forums. He moved from vB. I tried talking him into IPS.  
  15. Feature Request - Better link formatting

    Too much because? On my site (and others I have moderated) we have whole forums dedicated to news articles. We have specific news moderators that find, format, and post articles just like that. It generates a lot of discussion. Conversely, members will post a single link in the news forum and very rarely do members reply to those posts. The idea is to engage your audience. Pull them in. Make it as easy as possible for them to participate in discussion.